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Soya Milk

In Poetry on August 23, 2011 at 4:34 pm

I seriously love soya milk,

Soya milk you are so lovely,

More lovely than semi and whole,

Lots of flavour,

Soya, I love!



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The title says it all.

I go through life, thinking I want to be my own boss. I don’t want to work for anyone. I want to be my own boss because it gives me freedom. With being your own boss and working for yourself, you set everything yourself. You tell yourself when you want to work and when you want to play. When you want to take a holiday and who you want to employ. My favourite is getting to wear what you like which I feel gives me the opportunity to express myself through my choice of clothes. The downside is being your own boss is the responsibility that comes with it.  No one holds your hand as you go through life. You take charge of yourself.

When you work for someone you have responsibilities like:

  • What time to get into work
  • What time you can have your break
  • When you can leave
  • You have to inform your boss when your not coming into work
  • You have to face consequences from your boss or be sacked
  • Your dress code
The responsibility of being your own boss allows you to suffer from your own mistakes instead of being told of your mistakes. It can be hard to know when you have made a mistake without having a boss but that comes with freedom and responsibility.
Personally, I am a odd worker. I like to work when I like. I like to wake up when I like. If I want to work during the night and chill during the day, I would prefer to do that then have deadlines from someone else. Having a boss and having to go to school at a certain time and having lessons at a specific time teaches you about these things:
  • Time management
  • Deadlines
  • Structure
  • People and how they work
Learning how to be a leader is just as important as learning how to be an employee. Both have their positives and negatives. All you have to do as teenagers or individuals is know where you want to be in life. I would prefer to be a boss and control myself and deal with my own mistakes.
What would you prefer to be? Employee or Boss?

Watch The Throne! Watch The Kings

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Watch The Throne!

The new album by Kanye West and Jay is phenomenal. My favourite song of the album is Why I love You. I was taken from the point the beat dropped and the rhythm started to flow. I have been wanting to listen to the album for ages. Such great artists collaborating to produce amazing hip hop. Is this better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West? No way. This album is good but not as good as Kanye’s album. Why? Kanye West is my favourite rap artist and I have a special connection towards him. I love Kanye West’s flow. He has a flow that isn’t average at the least.

I don’t follow Jay Z but respect his rap presence. Jay Z has mastered live performance and I can definitely say, no one does it better than him. Kanye West has the flow and lyrics. He is talented beyond words to describe him. That is why a collaboration makes them kings. Comparing this album to My Beautiful Dark Fantasy is really difficult. I love hearing Kanye’s voice on the album but Nicki Minaj in the song Monster ”kills” it in a bad way. When it comes to hip hop there are two people I don’t like. Nicky Minaj and Chipmunk. So, My Beautiful Dark Fantasy and Watch The Throne clash and become even competitors. I don’t want to be the judge of which album is better. I will say, if you play Kanye West, play My Beautiful Dark Fantasy next.

Should you buy the album? Yes you should buy Watch The Throne. It is worth the listen and worth the storage space on your computer. No one buys CD’s so I am guessing the only CD’s you have would be old albums and singles from 2008 and backwards from there. Personally, Watch The Throne comes second to my favourite albums in the years 2010-11. Kanye’s last album coming first.

What do you think of the album and what is your favourite hip hop album at the moment?


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I have always respected extreme sports but never had the guts to actually do it willingly because I have a fear of getting hurt. Yesterday, I watched Channel 4’s Street Summer Concrete Circus. It got the most talented and fearless skateboarders, bikers and free runners to express their talent in film. It is there, I realised that we ignore such talent that blossoms on the streets. I was happy that Channel 4 took the opportunity to seek out street culture because it is seen as disorder on the streets by many adults but teenagers seem embrace it to the maximum. Look at what teenagers wear. They wear Adidas, Converse and Vans which all relate to sports. Doesn’t that show that street culture is so important in life?

The people on this programme actually had something to say which was expressed in their talent. Words couldn’t translate what was on Channel 4 last night. Young and talented film makers, took their talent to the streets and filmed the talent that lives in these extraordinary human beings. In the programme you had people jumping from one building to another, you had another person doing a back-flip down a set of stairs and a skateboarder spinning round in circles on one wheel. I personally, haven’t seen that in my life, all in one film. In addition, you get a feeling inside you that makes you want to stop being lazy and go out into the word and take up such an exciting sport. It is also gives you very painful injuries. I used to skateboard and because of my fear of getting hurt, I slowed down completely till the point that I wouldn’t even attempt a trick, instead casually ride.

Should you watch it? Of course you should. A lot of people make up street culture and need to be recognised in society because they set trends that lots of people love to follow. I was impressed and I can definitely say you will be impressed!


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Have we lost the experience of going to unusual places to eat? I think we underestimate restaurants that don’t get filled up from the time it opens up. I am talking about places like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Express. We tend to be on the safe side and eat what we are used to. It is more normal than a thoughtful choice to be really honest.

Today, after the Apple Store, I went down to Pepe. It is an Italian street pizza restaurant with most delicious and good looking pizza I have ever  had in my life so far. I ordered a Cotto pizza which has roast ham with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. I have to say, Cotto pizza was the best pizza of its kind. My godfather had four cheese pizza which includes tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, brie cheese and parmesan. I have never come across a pizza with four different pizza’s inside it. The four cheese pizza was one of the best pizza’s I have ever tried in my life. If your a person that has to have meat or chicken in pizza, try four cheeses, it is worth it. It was even better than my cotto pizza. With going to restaurants that are not packed and in the street corner, you are more likely to get your food really quickly. Teenagers don’t like wasting time, and me being one myself, I am exactly the same.

I am the sort of person who loves to go to places that are different and a risk. Life is about taking risks especially when your a teenager becoming an adult. You learn so much when you growing and it starts with taking small risks like eating in a restaurant you find in a street corner. If you want to eat somewhere you don’t usually, jump on a train to Leicester Square, shop in Covent Garden and end with Pepe.

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is a MUST SEE!

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If you are going to college soon and need to see a film before you get back to long weeks of education, pain and stress, go and see Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Above all films I have seen this summer, this has got to be the best. The action sequence is on point, a beautiful woman to catch the eye and of course amazing direction which makes the film believable.

The film is based around Will, a scientist who is trying to cure Alzheimer’s disease which infects his father and causes him problems while at home. After a dangerous incident occurs during an important presentation at Gensys, Will brings Caesar home to protect him from being killed. It is at home where Caesar develops and is closely monitored by Will. I loved how we could see that apes have similar characteristics to us in a home environment, and behave like us. Through points of the film, the apes would say things like ‘no,’ and other times during the film they would write words which were copied from a board. That was absolutely shocking and as I watched the film, I constantly thought about humans and apes in relation to each other. These thoughts made the film spectacular and gripping from start to finish.

I don’t watch films like these in the cinema but this a must! As a young man, aged 16, all films need a female to put the icing on the cake. They got Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto to take that role. I have never really liked her before but she did do her ‘thing’ in the film. She acted brilliantly and I was impressed. You wouldn’t expect less because she came from a Oscar winning film. In addition, apes being controlled by humans always need to fight back so revenge is definitely sweet.

If you like action, a tiny bit of stealth, love apes taking over a city and revenge, then definitely pay £6 for a movie ticket. You won’t regret it.

Have you seen the film. If you have, what did you think?

Pinnacle Point of Protest

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In all my years, I have never taken anything as black and white. When stock markets crash, murders erupt and youth take charge in London, I never become surprised. The world works in a system where people become sickened by the government decisions and views that they have. Also the government say we have freedom of speech but in actual fact we are run by a sly dictatorship where we are controlled by everything. We are controlled by what we like and what we don’t like. The things we eat to the things that your not supposed to. How we are supposed to look and not look? When education should finish and when it should begin? Life is controlled and personally I don’t find that acceptable.

We have riots at the moment in London. We say the reason is the murder of Mark Duggan but in actual fact it is because people are fed up with England. The murder was the pathway for young people to have a legitimate reason to commit acts of violence. Look at the how the Conservative Government went into power and instantly placed spending cuts to solve our deficit. Our deficit is over 4 trillion pounds. Now, how we deal with it is up to us but it doesn’t mean that the rich, arrogant, and selfish conservative government should reduce the spending of the individual and businesses to get out of debt. People have to find money to live and eat. If you reduce spending so much, how do you find the money to do so. It was not planned logically at all. Now on topic, if jobs are gone due to no money and people are desperate for a decent living, a protest is obviously going to be a solution. Now young people aren’t as stupid as you think. They have thoughts and feelings. Using the term ‘criminality’ to explain the young peoples actions is just wrong. What you should call it is ” ignorance of conservatives, frustrating the young people with their stupidity to make young people result in violence as way for them to be heard by the wider nation.”

Now that is not it, young people from homes that cannot afford to do things during the summers and no opportunity of going on holiday or find opportunities to explore their creativity have nothing at all to sustain them for long weeks till September. So what can young people or people out of education do to consume time. They are bored and have no way of eradicating it unless the government start funding organisations to provide opportunities for young people to be listened to through art, music, dance, sports and any other learning opportunities available.

Another reason why young people are protesting, which isn’t being televised or talked about is the amount they have to pay for higher education. It is ridiculous the amount of money students have to pay to go to university. So looking at the young people that cannot afford higher education, they have no where to go and no aim in life which means rioting and causing havoc is the only way forward in ”their” society. It is another way to get their voices heard.

You may call me a conspiracy theorist but life isn’t black and white. People aren’t only triggered by Mark Duggan, they aren’t just bored for no reason, they don’t just wake up thinking lets riot today. Once we get to the source of the issue, then we find solutions. As I said, young people are intelligent, regardless if they go to higher education or not, they have more street knowledge than people that come out of Cambridge or Harvard or Oxford. A lot of young people find ways to live and survive with little education by abiding by the system. Not everyone rebels against the system set by the government.

People don’t just wake up and start to hate. It takes something strong to create hate. London is a metropolitan city which is one of the top cities of the world. A city which is hosting the 2012 Olympics next year.

The world is gradually becoming aware of corruption or are we oblivious to the fact that life isn’t just a walk in the park and that problems actually exist among us.

I was working today and looking outside the office, I noticed young people in balaclavas ready to start trouble. I definitely agree that some people are causing trouble but some want to speak out on what they actually feel and how they are taking the problems that are arising and feel passionate about. Many shops where I live closed and floods of people filled the only food shops open, hoping to get food and get home safely.

What do you do?

You create opportunities for young people.

You stop the conservative government from being so selfish with money due to the governments mistakes of spending to much and getting into the mess.

You fund for youth organisations to provide opportunities for young people because they grow up to run the world, not the old (conservatives) that are dying quickly. Money should never be taken away from opportunities to help young people develop.

The government should stop acting like the top people in charge and start to look at people as equal to them.

That is all I have to say to be absolutely honest. This is just my own 16 year old, sharp minded prospective. All I can do is just be honest.


Present Time

In Poetry on August 3, 2011 at 5:17 pm

This present time I really wonder on my thoughts,
I wonder like the curious black boy who craves knowledge beyond what the eye can see,
My imagination becomes a natural flood which pounds the water bank,
As I wait for the present time to kick me in the butt,
I stop looking back,
And stop wishing,
It is then I am at peace.

Then life is stunningly beautiful,
Beautiful enough to stand in motion and let life turn and tumble,
Present time, I love with an everlasting passion.