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I can’t believe it has already been 2 weeks at college and the stresses are catching up on me. I am just wanting a break, even though it has just been my personal introduction to advanced level education. I would rather lounge at home, watch the Matrix Trilogy or write all day and hang out with friends. Education is needed though. It gives you opportunity and that gives you success in whatever you want to do in life.

I am the social type of person. If I go to college and we were told that we couldn’t talk to anyone, I wouldn’t even survive a day, yet alone a week. I need socialisation in college as it gives me an advantage in connecting with people. With that in mind, education is very important right now, and all I have been doing is learning how adapt to my new routine of ‘off key’ lesson times and a bunch of new people who I have been suprisingly confident to talk to.

If you are in college and it’s going pretty slowly and you are starting to realise that it is not what you imagined, just look at it as a challenge that if you pass your exams, you will get what you want after. It may be university or employment. Just keep going and be dedicated through out!



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I had my first lesson today at college. It wasn’t bad. A class full of girls and 3 boys, that definitely works out well, don’t you think? My class is cool but two hours of English Literature does make you brain dead. You expect to be reading a lot and that’s true but it’s a lot of analysing and texts that doesn’t make sense.



The jump from GCSE to A level couldn’t be more daunting but at the same time, couldn’t be more rewarding. I am a person who loves to read and get into stories. The only downside is when the teacher picks on you to give your thoughtful opinion at an a level standard and you think to yourself ‘why me?’ All I know is that it’s a standard above GCSE that includes more words and a better understanding of the English language. Projecting your voice to bunch of newby’s in your life is scary but you have to fight through it by feeling confident and knowing in the end, you will get what you wanted and hopefully your analysing and reading the dictionary from front to back, actually pays off.

Let’s hope the Queen doesn’t feel like adding new words to the dictionary so soon, so you and me can keep up.

Twitter and Me

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Me and Twitter are close buddies. We are not in a relationship. I speak how I feel and hope he takes it in and doesn’t respond. While on the other hand, our fellow twitterers like to respond to our conversation, we are still close friends. He knows my password, I know his website. Our relationship is so concentrated that 140 characters is just enough to tell our story!

We usually get people we don’t like talking to us. The sort of spam people but we ignore them because we are different. We are unique. I even feel he needs a couple interesting video’s from YouTube and on occasion a picture or too, so my links definitely make him happy. I never get a response from Twitter or a retweet, or a direct message but that is okay because as I said the relationship is cool enough for only one to speak and for a couple thousand random people to respond. The only communication I get once a month from Twitter is suggestions. He earns the money; I become noticed on the internet.

We try to talk as often as possible but sometimes a couple days go by and he doesn’t hear from me.  That there, is the magnificent relationship between me, Twitter and a whole other bunch of random people who try to get involved in this relationship.

Girls and College: Breaking The Ice

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NB. I live in London and college is sixth form, not university. So to all Americans reading this, I don’t go to university. That is in 2 years time. That makes me 16 years old.

Girls and college?

I went to my induction day yesterday at my new college. I found it incredibly hard to talk to the guys in college compared to the girls. I think that just runs in my genes. You can’t ask for nine incredible and insightful aunties and one mum. It’s life. You suck it up, embrace it and take advantage of it as much as you can.

The girls in my college are really cool. Some are beautiful, some are sweet, some are nice, some are crazy (my favourite) and some are just ‘okay then?’ (raised eye brow). The ones I get along with really well with, are taken and the ones that are single, I can’t say much because I haven’t met them or asked them up front. In addition, I have an opinion that the pretty girls that are single, are single for a reason and the reason isn’t always going to be good reason. I also learned from my induction day that the strangest experience you have when starting college and talking to women through out the day is you learn so much about how they operate. The girls I didn’t know at first, I realised they were scared to talk to boys as much as boys are to girls. They were even scared to talk to girls they don’t know.

What does that tell you about male and female interaction and interaction in general? It says we are all human beings and we have to face our fears, no matter how we feel.


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I went down to Southbank and thought you can’t go down there and not take pictures.

Culture as it happens!


       Who dresses like that? 

This guy was on point. He constantly had a good expression that I couldn’t fathom.


Lets smoke with passion. Shall we?


Catch the weak at their own enjoyment.