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New Years Is Hours Away (London)

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If any of you don’t know, I live in London, so NEW YEARS is round the corner. I have had a good year. I have learned so much about myself. I have made life changing friends, inspirational friends, and friends that I dismiss because as time moves on, people change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

I have learned that communication is powerful among us human beings. I have talked with people about shallow things like ‘Is Jay Z a better rapper than Kanye?’. I have talked to people about deep things like politics and if freedom actually exists among us human beings. With everyday going, I have learned that as we grow, we become more intelligent and with positive communication, the world can change completely. In this year, I have realised that in order to do anything you want, you have to work HARD for it. You should never give up and never procrastinate. Never put things off thinking you will do it at a later stage. Just make the most of the time you have. In addition, I have learned that you should take advantage of you talents and your ability to do anything you want in your life.

Right, at this second, I hope to develop knowledge that I can preach to the world and reach the people that I cannot see. I hope to do what is good rather than what seems to be good. I want to do the the right thing always and never say ‘because 2012 start in a few hours, I will start then.’ I would gladly start at this second.

Next year is indeed 2012. That means another year on this planet. We as people should not change ourselves to fit other peoples needs, but become better people within ourselves and hopefully fulfil our own happiness. I believe that we should not wait for greatness but seek greatness within ourselves wherever we can. And that means starting RIGHT now!




What I Learned About Structure

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I recently made a timetable for my college year and realised that structure, and a set and strict timetable are really important when it comes to success in life. You cannot be successful unless you have a structure in place which you follow towards your success. Structure is important because you are planning your actions. Planning, prepares you for success and reduces your chances of failure. That is why there is the saying ‘to fail to prepare, is preparing to fail.’ That immediately means structure and planning makes you more successful than the other individual that doesn’t prepare or structure correctly.

I took structure and planning for granted through out my whole life till I realised that my grades in school weren’t adding up. My English grade was below my expected. If you looked at my writing, you would assume the curriculum got my papers wrong with someone else’s. I am good at English and have potential, but my structure for work is wrong, not my knowledge or understanding of the concepts. I need to plan my work and plan it well so that my success is satisfying my interpretation of what success means to me. (If you are wondering, the letter A is what I call success). I did well in some subjects and did not so good in others this term in school. My structure for learning is a total fail, period. My latest post on TheLookoutDiary, ‘Am I The Only One That Hates Multitasking In School?’ is about not wanting to multi-task but what I have learned, is that multi-tasking only works when your structure is well thought out, and implemented according to your plan.

My mother and grandfather pushed and pushed and pushed me until I made a structured timetable for my life. Since I started going by my timetable, I have practically forgotten about prioritising school subjects and giving each subject, the same amount of time and attention. I NOW FEEL MY BEST.

Do you ever wonder why you can do different subjects in school one after the other, and not feel like you are missing out on one subject compared to the other? The reason you feel so at ease when you are at school, is because a structure has been put in place to help you go through school with ease. That is what you have to do for yourself, when you are at home. If you are ever faced with so many things to do in your life, make a plan, make a structure that works for you, and stick by it and if you do, you will be successful. It doesn’t have to be work or at work by the way. It could just  be your life as a whole.

Girls Don’t Like Close Guys!

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Quickie: A quick post I am dying to share!

I recently did a post about relationships, and where we stand in them, in the post modern world. The question I want to answer is ‘why don’t girls like close guys?’ They simply don’t. Girls don’t like it when a guy opens up to a girl straight away and tell them their whole life story. It freaks them out or it makes them automatically put you in the friend zone. Girls like a challenge. If you aren’t challenging or hard to get, you are simply not interesting. It is the same with guys. Guys don’t like girls that are easy to get. The easy girls are simply boring.

As a blogger, I love to interact with people and get along with them in the shortest time possible, because I have other things to do like writing,education and my personal pursuit of happiness and development as an individual. Also every second is time, and time is money. I don’t have much time to do  the long waiting process of 4 to 6 weeks before you get a girls number or Facebook or BBM. I usually like to give myself, a week maximum and if nothing happens, I move on. Sometimes, I talk to female bloggers online and I give them more time (1 month) just because, I naturally give people in my field more time to interact with me. Also I believe, people in the same community and field, tend to look out for each other, anyway. For me, that is the process that works for me, it may not work for everyone.

Using the above example, in terms of relationships, being close with a female is bad. Telling her your life story, is also really bad. You gotta give yourself distance and make females want to talk to you. It is the same with girls attracting boys. A girl has to distance herself, so that the guy realises he has to work for a girl who hasn’t got her priority on a him. The priority is living your life to full and taking charge of it.

One thing I learned in the last week, was that sometimes you can rush things, and that can really annoy the person you are interacting with, regardless if you like them, or getting to know them. It is like invading their personal space and rushing a slow process that needs to be grounded. If you are a person that is constantly doing something in your life and wants to build strong relationships with people, a rush process is good but it is risky because you are rushing the grounding stage and hoping it can solidify in the future.


Am I The Only One That Hates Multitasking In School?

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I have never really like multi-tasking but in college, you have to understand it and take pride in it. It teaches you how to manage your time, and work according to schedule, but I believe that everything you do in life needs your fullest attention.

I would go to my Business lesson and get really into it and love the topic that I am learning, then I would realise that 65 minutes has gone, and I have to move to my next lesson. The enthusiasm and drive to do more, is automatically killed by the thought of another subject, I have to attend in less than 5 minutes. Then it happens in my next lesson. I later begin to prioritise subjects and it causes me to be excellent in one and average in the other.

You should be able to learn things once, and grasp it with you undivided attention, only if you focus. If you don’t, then you have to learn it all over again. I believe that if you are in a lecture, and you are focusing and making notes, you have to share concentration on the notes and listening. It doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Give one your 100% attention and you shall learn everything precisely as they are supposed to be taught. And that also counts for subjects you learn in school.

Maybe we could concentrate on one subject till that subject is complete. It could also be part of the daily tasks you do and how you live your life. What would life be like if you could just give one subject you undivided attention and not have to multi-task?


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I didn’t expect this at all! Straight after school at Westfield London. Hip Hop always makes my day. XD


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In this post, I am going to talk about what a relationship means from a male perspective. Then, I will give it over to beautiful Brooklynn to give her female perspective of what a relationship means and why it’s important. I haven’t been in a relationship but I am waiting for the right person. Brooklynn, on the other hand, has and she will give advice from her own experience.


When it comes to dating and relationships, I believe you should go out with someone that you really get along with. Never go out with a woman that doesn’t get along with you and doesn’t have similar interests as you. If you talk and do the things you like and not worry about if the woman is going to like it or not, or if she will like the conversation or not, it makes life easier. By doing the things you like and enjoy, she should become interested in you. By doing that, you don’t have to pretend in front of her. A few similar interests are cool but a woman who likes every single thing you like, is pretty scary. Difference is powerful in itself. You can learn and experience new things from one another.

Look for someone who accepts you for who you are and enjoys your company. Look for someone who enjoys your comedy. Never try to be funny in a relationship. It kills the vibe completely and what happens is, the girl finds out that you aren’t original and you are actually pretending to be something you are not. You should just be yourself and that should make the girl laugh. So many people try too hard to be comedians in front of women because they want to be accepted quickly. You either look like a fool or you are funny for a short period of time, but they catch you out and see your true character and distance themselves, because your true character isn’t what they expected, beyond the comedy mask.

how cute :)

As I said, I haven’t been in a relationship but I have looked at women and thought deep within, I don’t think they are the right person. I won’t go out with them just because it makes me look cool or I will have an extra woman to put on my list of the women I have dated. I believe that when you wait, you really get to live your life and find out who you actually are, and from developing as an individual, you realise and develop an idea of the sort of woman that would fit your character and COMPLETE YOU! Completing is very important. Some may say that a woman that completes you is someone that is perfect and perfect doesn’t exist. I think personally, a person that completes you, puts you at ease and makes you feel your absolute self. The self you are when you talk to your mother.

BE HONEST! That is the most important thing in a relationship. All men should be honest. By being honest, you are yourself. By being honest, you can separate the women that will respect and accept you to the women that act like fakes and beggars. By being honest, you will have a seriously good relationship that will last and be meaningful.

I would just like to say that a relationship should be completely natural. You should be yourself always. Be honest and don’t worry about who you are because whoever you are, your woman should accept you for that completely.


I have been in some very serious and long term relationships/commitments. One thing people have to understand is that being in a relationship means there is no more “I” and it is now “us” and “we.” Compromise is the key word in order to maintain a relationship. Communication is another thing that is also EXTREMELY important. A relationship is a major responsibility and I think a lot of people fail to realize and understand it for its reality.

I am single now, and after emerging from a 4 year relationship I realized that I was too young to be occupying a role that I wasn’t ready for. In your youth, it is your time to get to know yourself and live for yourself. Not to be attached to someone else. Having your own Individuality is something that is really important before you get into a relationship because once you’re in one, we sometimes lose sight of what’s best for US and end up doing what’s best for the other person FIRST. A relationship takes time and needs constant maintenance in order to survive. A lot of people forget that, and become too comfortable, which is why so many relationships break.

If you’re going to get involved with somebody just like Derrick said, don’t do it just for the sake of being able to say “that’s my girlfriend/boyfriend”. Make sure you are completely comfortable to all extremes with the other person and make sure your levels of communication are 100%. Do NOT settle for the first person who comes your way and makes you smile. When I say this, I mean especially for the females out there, it’s easy for us to be swept away by the smallest gestures but you have to know, that not all gestures are pure ones. Know your worth so that someone can appreciate it even more, and not take advantage of you.

In the end, take your TIME and pace yourselves. You have all the time in the world to hold hands, cuddle and kiss and call someone your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. It’s like shopping…browse, try things on and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit well…don’t buy it! 😉

xoxo Brooklynn

Brook Lynn