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In Self Help on March 27, 2012 at 6:10 pm

As well as suffering from procrastination, I also suffer from a common disease called ‘too much motivation.’ The effects of this disease is an addictive feeling to rebel and push your boundaries. Never doing the little things in life that design your path of success and ground your motivation, determination and perseverance. The cause of this ‘too much motivation’ disease in being inspired by many notable people who change the world completely and the constant feeling of wanting to be like them (Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg and many others).

And that is it really. I constantly feel motivated and inspired and that affects my performance as an individual.


1) I feel like rebelling against the education system and persuing my dream, while educating myself.

2) The feeling to travel and see the culture that exists beyond the textbook.

3) Wanting to talk to people at all times. Including school.

4) Trying to inspire people who don’t want to be inspired or motivated.

5) Chasing my dreams by myself because I am the only one who can fully picture my dream effectively.

6) Questioning everything. Literally everything.

7) Never being easily led by others.

8) Seeing things other people don’t see.

9) Finding an alternative to normal things, everyday people do.

10) GOING CRAZY ONCE IN A WHILE (exertion of love of greatness)


CURE: It is like asking for a cure for cancer. I don’t know. Do you?



In Photography, Self Expression on March 25, 2012 at 10:46 pm

SOUTHBANK has always been my favourite culture spot in London.

Cycle Lady seems to be on a mission.

I think his socks want a kiss.

The people behind only saw his belly for a split second. And so did my side. He loved it. DEFINTELY.

Talent from the street is always surprising.

He seriously didn’t need a drum kit.

This dude reminds me of an actor.

Just before I left Embankment.

They really wanted attention when they saw the camera.

Finally back home.

Some of the photo’s were taken by Sarah Ogole, my lovely aunt who inspired me to go out with her on her little adventure. Carlo, my younger cousin, also joined us on our day out and gave us the laughter that kept the day alive.

An Addict To Greatness

In Self Help on March 20, 2012 at 6:27 pm

I can sincerely say I am an addict to greatness. I want to achieve greatness. I want to seize greatness from those that don’t deserve it. I want to do good that helps others, and do the things that make me a great person. Sadly, what people don’t understand is that greatness lies deep within us and as human beings, we don’t seem to appreciate or accept the fact that we are great. We often feel dissatisfied because other people are seen to be greater and have done greater things that makes our personal greatness not reach the satisfied mark. Oh yeah, you don’t even feel great, so you don’t have a satisfied mark. And it’s not personal, because you keep comparing yourself to others.

Our potential greatness has to be felt deep within and appreciated, because if we don’t appreciate our greatness, work at our talents or even realise we have greatness, we will forever fall short. And greatness comes from the smallest things in life. It doesn’t have to be on television or how rich and famous you are. If you feel great, then nothing will stop you.

People who don’t care about other peoples greatness, simply nurture their own greatness, disregard negative criticism and are usually seen to be cool, and have that appealing ‘INNER SWAG.’



In Self Help on March 11, 2012 at 11:58 pm

In life, so many things will pull you down. What pulls you down will rub you in the dirt, to the point  where you cannot move or don’t have the energy or drive to move. It is important that you get back up and start again. Change you strategy, and start again. If you stay on the floor and accept defeat, you shall never succeed or change your ways. Your perception on life will be simple and basic. You will lack the unique complexity that makes you different from everyone else. You will never make it as a notable person, known for his or her greatness, but as the average person who seems to just get by. You will not have anything to hold by your name or seem significant.  I am not saying being notable is important. I am implying you need to feel greatness within that satisfies you as a human being.

Learn to take a risk or risks. Learn to get back up and try again. Learn to fight criticism. Most importantly, learn how to strategically defeat what holds you back, and come back on top. If you do that, you will be a totally new, better, confident and positive man or woman.

I constantly feel a dip in my own personal drive. I fail at things, I should have passed. I work hard and put myself through hell to get by in school and that seems to present negative outcomes. I have found out that I do work hard. The problem is that I am not working strategically smart. If I learn how to work strategically smart, I will not have to put myself through hell, or stress myself out. And that is what you need to do as fully functioning human beings. Never let anything STOP YOU from doing what you are passionate about.

Good Luck!


In Relationships, Self Help on March 4, 2012 at 11:15 pm

When it comes to women (time to date women not girls), I have high expectations and beliefs. Still not forgetting, I turned 17 just the other day! You know the crazy moment in your life, when you realise that education is your main priority and that you shouldn’t be looking for girls, I think that defines me totally. I do see beautiful girls all the time, especially when I am going to and from college everyday. My expectations in a woman used to be very high and virtually impossible to find. I looked at a girls appearance, hoping the girl had an amazing character to match. Sadly, a pretty girls girls appearance, never matched her character, and that truly shocked me until I realised, it was something frequent and not unusual. The less attractive girls, had absolutely incredible characters. I realised that looks isn’t everything and beyond a woman’s appearance, is a character no one could compete with.

As a college student, I seriously don’t have the time to compete for girls, or even look for them. I am not saying I change sides to make life easier. I believe that as a teenager, I need to lay the foundation to my long life ahead. I can’t rely on women to do it for me, and I can’t rely on luck either. I have to invest in my own life and take the appropriate steps to accomplish my goals. Life is too short to look for girls. STANDARD!

If you invest in your worth as a man or teenager, you will attract the women who want your company, your power, your worth, your intelligence and most importantly your love, which you don’t give up so quickly. The more you care for yourself and your own foundation as an intelligent and insightful human being, the more attractive you become. My family keep telling me all the time, work hard, work hard, work hard, work hard. It has come to a time when I realise, that l have full control of my own life and so does everyone else on this planet. If you want control, you need to be able to grab control from the horns and keep hold of it, till the day you die.

And yes, let me clarify and assure you, women will come to me and all of you in time. Love yourself, and others around you. BE PATIENT!