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NO CHURCH IN THE WILD- Official Video Release

In Hip Hop, Media on May 30, 2012 at 1:21 am

I am never aware where Jay-Z and Kanye West are releasing official videos to their Watch The Throne album. It is really surprising and I feel unfortunately late. The first track on the ‘Watch The Throne’ album, ‘No Church In The Wild’, has had an official video release which is taking a spark in the Hip Hop scene, following Jay-Z and Kanye West’s European tour which started on 18th May 2012 (which I attended).

The video definitely speaks for itself. Such great artists that perform at the top of their game truly shows their unnecessary need to be in a video so brilliant and spectacular.

Should we all throw Molotov cocktails now?



In Self Help on May 28, 2012 at 1:49 pm

The power of silence is extraordinary. Extraordinary always keeps us going.

We live in a world where we have to speak to be heard, shout to be heard over those that speak, feel courage to say what we feel, stick by what we say and never change our character when we stand for something. What if silence was the way forward to an extraordinary, positively filled life of prosperity.

What would life be like if we were just silent for a change. If we just kept silent and watched life happen. If we just listened to people and listened to what every individual we came in contact with said. I believe we would learn so much about ourselves and what we truly value and believe in. Progression as individuals is always best when we speak less, listen and absorb.

I have realised that when we are silent, and ask well thought out and valuable questions, we begin to gain respect from those that are afraid to ask questions. In addition, people admire those that have the courage to ask what they don’t know in confidence. Furthermore, when we are silent, we seem to understand a lot more, because we do not beg to speak or to be heard at every given second we have opportunity to chat absolute useless crap. I am not saying be silent always and preserve what you want to say, but instead think before you speak and speak exactly what you mean, as long as you understand what you are about to say, and people are going to understand your thinking out loud thoughts.


In Hip Hop, Media on May 19, 2012 at 3:02 am

Being a person who isn’t religious when it comes to concerts, I am one of those people that is very curious about what he pays to see live. I booked my tickets to see Jay-Z and Kanye West months back and with my mums interrogation happening to this day, on why I spent £140 on two tickets to see two amazing artists, I actually feel satisfied that I kept my mouth shut for so long after my purchase.

Me and my friend Tatiana arranged to go and see this concert a week before tickets were set for release. My mum was happy and so was I, until I told her the price after I bought the ticket hours later. The day came and I had a typical, boring day at college. My attention span was bad, but I didn’t feel hyped about the concert till I actually entered the arena. Standing in line for an hour and a half, well over the time the doors were supposed to open at 18:45, I felt restless, hot, and weak with my buddy. Lucky we were able to purchase beverages (£3 bottle of Sprite, £2 bottle of water, rip off) before we got our standing spots, 8 rows from the front.

Having to wait a long time for two incredible artists is a pain in the backside on the opening night of the most anticipated European tour. You get frustrated when Jay-Z and Kanye say they will start at 20:30 but actually start at 21:00. You become irritated and fragile among the people squeezed next to you. I had the urgent feeling to go toilet but I didn’t want to lose my space, but intelligently Tatiana, went once we got to North Greenwich and when we entered the arena.

When the lights fade in the arena and people start crowding together, and the lights dim, while people are getting hot, you know something is going down. Kanye West and Jay-Z tear the whole place apart. Collaborating on hit singles, and epic albums apart from not only Watch The Thone, the two artists do have something special about them. My favourite song ‘On To The Next One’ by Hova, just makes me go crazy among people who are expecting Niggas In Paris or something from the Watch The Throne album. Then ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ just makes me go cray. Yes CRAY. The set list for the whole night was a masterpiece. It went from old school hits all the way to new school. Everyone knows I stalk both rappers like I am personally married to them so I knew a lot of the lyrics.

The best part of the night at a Hova and Ye Watch The Throne concert is when ‘Niggas In Paris’ takes over the whole arena at the end of the night. The people go ballistic. Everyone is out of control, and when they finish, the whole arena wants a replay, so Hova and Ye have to come back. I lost my voice in the crowd. I felt really wild and crazy since I was literally a metre from them and survived from dehydration and going H.A.M.

Would I recommend going to a Watch The Throne concert. I actually would recommend it every single time. Just watch out for the girl on girl fights in the seating area, the after concert depression and the wet floors while trying to leave the premises. I had the time of my life.  Hip Hop in earphones after the concert doesn’t compare. Mellow King of Hearts by Lloyd on the way back is recommended. Or classical.


In Self Help on May 16, 2012 at 7:44 pm

People have this belief system that they have to do the things they hate to satisfy themselves. They believe that they have to put themselves through hell, guilt and misery to satisfy others. I believe we have the power and intelligence to do what we want, and we don’t have to do things the conventional way always. We should learn to work in the way that works with us, not against us.

If you understand how to work through your challenges and do what you want, according to what you believe will make you succeed, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. If you want to be a basketball player, but your parents are telling you to become a lawyer, you should always do what you believe is right as long as you understand the challenges you will face when achieving your goal and know what you will do if what you planned to do, fucks up.

You should always enjoy what you do because you only live once. Never regret what you are doing, and never feel you have to do something to satisfy someone else. If you live for yourself, believe in yourself and feel bliss, then your life shall be what you desire.




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Last Saturday I was sitting and working on my laptop when someone got retweeted onto my timeline on twitter. I did what I do when I’m bored: I went to see what they were about. Little did I know I’d be hanging round Westfield with them 71 hours later.

The person is Derrick and, even though I’ve only known him a short while, I have no hesitation in saying he’s amazing (he’ll probably tease me about that now). When I checked out his twitter I clicked on the link to his blog. The thing with Derrick is he’s a very motivational person, so after enjoying what I read I tweeted him to give feedback. As per usual when you tweet someone they tweet back and we got talking while I ‘stalked’ his blog.

Anyway, long story short we started skyping on Sunday and at about 12am Monday night/Tuesday morning we arranged to meet the next day in Westfield as he finished college early.

The day consisted of:

  • Apple store photos
    » Until Derrick got told off for having his hood up… did someone say gangsta?
  • Derrick being told off
  • Derrick embarrassing me by knocking things over
  • People watching in Burger King
    » This is Derrick’s speciality will sit there eating a burger and analyse EVERYTHING someone is doing. There was this girl in the corner and he just picked up the fact that she was fidgeting, checking her phone and playing with her hair to mean she had guy trouble. Being a girl I agree with this verdict, it’s mad how observant he is though. He can tell me things about me I’ve never said, analyse tweets and know exactly what I’m referring to and why and everything. It’s pretty freaky, but I guess that’s what makes him interesting.
  • Seeing Derrick’s classmates
    » If a situation could spell awkward then that’d definitely be it!
  • Circle dancing (dancing in circles round each other while still walking forward)
  • Building in the Lego shop
  • Derrick trying to sell me boxers

“They’re clean and fresh and will keep you dry all day long”

I’ve met a few people on twitter and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes you don’t talk anywhere near as much as you do online and it’s just awkward. With Derrick though, it wasn’t like that. He said himself that we ‘click’ but I put it down to the fact that Aquarii get along well.

Fuck what they say about meeting people off the internet, I’m 17 and life’s about taking risks (that’s why we got on the escalator backwards… well Derrick did and I attempted to…) I had a great time and would definitely do it again!

Made this for @thelookoutdiary (Taken with instagram)


I was casually tweeting to @AyyOnline when he retweeted me. Strangely, he retweeted me for the first time EVER. Even more strangely after more than 25 retweets, this strange and promiscuous individual by the name of Aysh pops up in my @mentions box. She is a fellow blogger who is into music business and unexpectedly fell for me when she saw my Twitter AVI. We began to talk on Twitter and instantly got along really well. She is really intelligent, something I knew well before she did, and later surprised her when I was able to read her mind in the most non-stalkerish and disturbing way.

After a while, she got bored of just having me on Twitter so I offered to add her to my Skype contact list. We began to talk about life and people’s personal motivation to success and that made her day.  I didn’t have to try to impress her after that.

WordPress > Twitter > Skype > BBM > (her favourite) My number

A couple days later, like 71 hours, she ends up telling me her confessions. Okay, maybe not, but she said she was in the area (Shepherds Bush, London) and I was willing to meet her. Aysh wearing the most retarded Supras ever, we went to Burger King, my favourite hotspot and began to watch people. We sat in silence watching people like teenage operatives and then gave up when our mission compromised by my inability to walk in straight lines. Never staying in one place for a long period of time, we were constantly on the move, hiding from the security guard in the Apple store, who was offended by my bright blue hood.

Ending up running out of the store, we just walked in circles, instead of straight lines to cover our tracks. We wanted to play the game ‘Shout Out PORN’ but I started so quietly that she couldn’t keep up. The game ended but the laughter carried on. Even when we brushed passed La Senza.

The day was really chilled and relaxed. Till this day we still have awkward moments when Aysh gets confused often about her slow grasp of knowledge, but we definitely get along, and definitely will go out again. The beauty of meeting good people online, is knowing who is a good person in the very few minutes of communicating with them. Even when both of you have never met but are socially awkward and retarded!


In Self Help on May 1, 2012 at 4:43 pm

You gotta want it so bad, that you are willing to lose sleep.

SUCCESS. The word you have heard everyone say in their life. The word they associate themselves with or hope to associate themselves with one day. The word is truly crazy. As well as being crazy, it is also very powerful. The lover of this word who is truly affectionate is the word that everyone hates. The words that drives me people mental. The word that demotivates most indivduals. The word that stops many people from doing what they want to achieve.  The word that makes very few people inspired to do great things. HARD WORK. 

Success is when you have achieved your objective in life. It could be becoming a writer. It could be an NBA basketball player, or doctor, or lawyer or anything that you are really interested in. Your success comes when you feel satisfied that you have done what you planned out to do in your life and you feel satisfied with the result.

Hard work is the time and effort you put into what you want to achieve. It is when you are investing in your future. This is the part when you feel uncomfortable and feel like quitting. This is the time when you have to give what you want to achieve your all. You have dedicate yourself and put in the hours to accomplish your objective. Without hard work you cannot be successful and you cannot become what your greatest person.

When you want to be successful, there will be times when you want to give up and say I am done. You will be tired, you will be stressed out and you will want to do something that makes you comfortable. Someone wise once said ‘You gotta be comfortable in your uncomfortable position.’ If you learn how to feel comfortable in your uncomfortable circumstances, you will feel good in whatever position you are in.

When you associate yourself with people that put you down and tell you can’t do something, you are likely not to achieve greatness. Constantly my friends put me down when I say I want to achieve a specific goal. They will say ‘Derrick get real, you won’t be rich, you won’t get that job because I didn’t get it, you gotta be REALISTIC, aim to be or do something more achievable.’ I get that day in, day out and you know what, that motivates me everyday to prove them wrong. The only reason someone de-motivates you and tells you that you can’t do something, is because they can’t do it themselves.

Being realistic is completely different to being successful in this world. The people that want to be successful, break down barriers and accomplish the goals they set out to do, and will not fall short till they get to the point where they have accomplished what they want to achieve. Being realistic is selling yourself short and not doing what you want to do.

Example: A boy wants to become a banker, but then someone says to him ‘get real, you aren’t good at mathematics.’ If he pushes through that barrier of what is real and what isn’t and is determined to be successful, he will achieve greatness and feel satisfied. As long as he is PASSIONATE.

Successful people never need to be told where to go, because they are fully aware of where they are going. They know the steps to take and they know how to get there. They will take every step with diligence and perfection. They will correct their mistakes, re-do the little steps till it is the best step it can be, almost or certainly PERFECT.

All successful people know that it takes hard work. Hard work beats talents if the other person doesn’t work hard at his talent. It is not genetics. You don’t achieve because of your genetics, you achieve because of the hours you put into perfecting your craft. So never say, this guy or that girl is genetically made up to achieve better than you. PROVE them wrong because if you give in, you have failed already.

Michael Jordan wasn’t picked for his high school basketball team, so that should already tell you that hard work pays of at the end. Sacrifice the time you have now to invest in your craft so that later on you will reap the reward you wished for. That may mean no sleep, no television, no cell phone or computer, till you achieve your greatness.

If you treat your aims towards success like a breath, you will be successful. How much you want to breath to stay alive, is how you should treat your goals. Treat it like you cannot live without it. Like it is your life support that keeps you alive day in, day out. The more life  support you give your goal, the more likely you will be successful. You eventually will achieve your goal and feel GREAT.