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In Self Help on July 29, 2012 at 10:34 pm

So, a lot of people would say sport is a waste of time. They would just exhibit it for entertainment purposes but never do it, because more important things are supposed to be focused on in life. Sport in fact, is so important to ones development. Doing a sport, beautifully develops a persons mind to understand how far he or she can push himself or herself towards achievement. Sport allows an individual to focus on a goal and achieve it through hours and hours of work and dedication.

The 2012 London Olympics began on Saturday, and apart from being disappointed by the opening ceremony, I was impressed by the sporting competitions being held. Every athlete looked like they deserved to be their. Every athlete looked like they were doing their sport for the love of the sport, instead of the fame and glory of being at the Olympics. The place where you can show off your talent and love it, but have a kind of marriage and passionate love towards it that no one will ever understand.

Sport is one of those things that I shy away from, because of being lazy and not understanding why I am doing it. I have done martial arts all my life and I can honestly say, I am good at it. I have talent, just never worked at it. I have done Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. I have never really seriously committed to it. I take it for granted, because I am talented. I have only ever recieved one medal for appearing at a competition once in my life. Then I began to duck in and duck out of it, find excuses not to go and say it bores me. All I can say is that it bored me because I never really understood the meaning of doing such an athletic sport. Sport is seriously about training your mind to say ‘This is not my best, my best is when I can continuingly  beat my previous result.’ Then you become great.

Sport keeps me focused. Sport always tells me that I can only achieve this by me pushing myself alone. No one will get me to achieve what I can do in sport, unless I push my individual self. No one will give me the result I prefer. I am the creator of my own success. I am successful when I can honestly break a sweat that comes from breaking through a barrier that has pushed me back over and over again.

All amazing athletes push themselves. No one makes them do what they do. They are the creators of their own success and they are only successful because they knew something bigger than they could imagine was somewhere to be found and owned. Tiger Woods found it, Kobe Bryant found it, Muhammed Ali found it, Usain Bolt found it. IT IS ONLY UP TO YOU TO FIND IT!

Everything in my life becomes simpler when I keep doing sports. I can rationalise situations a lot faster. Get better results in school, stay focused and content within myself. I definitely know when something is a stupid and worthless goal, and when something is truly great to achieve. Money becomes worthless, but the use of the money becomes great. The achievement isn’t financial, but spiritual and wholesome.

In summary, SPORT is about self improvement. So if you want to self improve yourself, do a sport.




In Hip Hop, Media on July 18, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Just finished listening to Nas’s new album ‘Life Is Good.’ From a 17 year old teenage perspective, all I can say is that it is exceptional. It is so conscious and honest. The flow in Nas’s rhymes are incredible too. I think I need to repeat the album. Since I just heard it, that was just my first round called ‘Flow.’ The second time I hear it will be called ‘Underlining Message.’ I can see myself becoming addicted to this album.

Favourite Track: Accident Murderers

This album is an excellent follow up from his previous album ‘Untitled.’ Nas has a mellow vibe in ‘Life Is Good’ which gives it so much value and the deserved title of a ‘Artistic Masterpiece.’ It is hard to find conscious rappers that make it in the industry. Either they are exceptional conscious and underground or popular but not popular enough to rank up to people like ‘Rihanna or Jay-Z,’ who are less conscious and more profit driven.

Second Favourite: Trust

Definitely recommend getting this album!


In Media on July 16, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Casually having a interesting conversation on Facebook about comic book characters and superhero’s. Who would win between Wolverine and Batman? What would the outcome be between Naruto and Goku? It got me thinking about what superhero I would actually be. In my opinion, I would be happy being Hawkeye.

It may seem childish, but everyone has at least one superhero they really like or wouldn’t mind being for a day or two. If you had to choose to be a superhero, who would you choose to be and why?


In Travel on July 15, 2012 at 4:04 pm


I have been to Barcelona once in my life, but I can say one thing, that one experience has made me want to go there again. I went there when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I was intrigued by the beauty and architecture of the city. I loved the culture and the way life was completely different to London. Being 11 or 12, I believe I couldn’t put this into words when I was there at the time, but now 17, I really want to go back. I want to see the city more clearly with a developed, and inquisitive mind. The language also intrigues me greatly. Makes me think the English language is boring. My girlfriend repeatedly says that to me, when she speaks in Spanish. I am 9/10 times  confused by what she says. Spanish lessons here I come.


I have never been to South Africa but I have always wanted to go far south of Africa. Watching the world cup years back, has made me wish for a trip to South Africa to see the culture that exists on the historic streets that tell stories of a past that is so significant in Africa’s history, and the apartheid struggle. My crazy friend Letago praises his country at least once a day. If we mention Africa, South Africa has to be mentioned. That love for his country, makes me have a rush of feelings that make me want to go and explore somewhere I have never been before. South Africa, Derrick is coming soon!


Above all American cities, Atlanta has stricken me as one of those cities that needs digging. As a black teenager, I noticed that Atlanta has a high population of Black people. Now, not trying to sound racist or ignorant, I have wanted to see how black culture, in a very culturally diverse city interact with each other. I have wanted to see how lifestyle is very different to London lifestyle where culture is so mixed. I want to see how the black culture in London, differs to black culture in Atlanta. Hopefully soon, I will be able to explore that city in the state of Georgia, and make a judgement.

New York City

Always been addicted to the city. I have been to New York City twice. Explored it once. Went to a warehouse the second time when I went to see family in New Jersey so I didn’t get to actually go into the city. I have just been infatuated with the bustling city and the fast moving people that home it, and keep it alive 365 days a year. Do I have to say more, or just jump on flight to JFK?

Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong? As a teenage boy, it is simple. Get off the plane, walk out of the terminal exit, then re-enact a scene of ‘Enter The Dragon,’ 2012 modern version. Then jump in front of fast moving cars, preferably a ferrari. Do a classic, dodge of invisible bullets, while casually running on the street for a successful getaway. Get to the hotel room, trip and crawl backgrounds, wishing I had made it past the door of the hotel seconds before. Scene done. Next day, The Great Wall of China. The rest will be in production.

I want to explore the world. See what is has to offer. I want to travel with those that love to explore new places, and want to accompany me on a wild and adventurous journey.


In Self Help on July 14, 2012 at 6:25 pm

It’s not religion. It is people. That’s the problem

People always complain religion is the reason problems exist in the world. The truth is, religion isn’t the problem. It is the individuals beliefs that conflict with religion. So many people are trying to put their own beliefs into religion, rather than religion putting beliefs in them. People want control and power, and people want religion to magically tell them that they should have control and power.

Religion is about seeking the meaning of life and fulfilment. It is not learning about how to dominate other individuals and how to control them. The conflicts we have in the world is a result of people putting their own beliefs in religion. Twisting the fundamental teachings of religion and putting their own power and signiture to something that should be untouched. Just listen to religious teachings, examine it and use it for the better of yourself, not for others. When you try to change people’s beliefs, you are trying to change the individual to fit your own belief. Let them believe what they want to, and let them fail as they will learn for themselves. The individual shouldn’t be chained and whipped to believe, but should have the freedom to choose if they want to believe or not.

I am a Christian, and believe every religion has greatness and powerful teachings that should be spread to others. I believe you only teach those that are willing to be open and willing to change. Don’t change those that are ignorant. Don’t blame social problems on the religion but on the character of the individual that uses religion in the negative way.

Any individual that says religion is the problem, is an individual that hasn’t got core beliefs in themselves or the power to control their own mind. The world is driven by the spread of beliefs and values that people share and strangely share common values with. Any powerful person can make you believe a religion is detrimental to a populations movement forward to positivity and persperity. But a fool is the person who simply believes the powerful person is so powerful, since the individual is a human just like you and me. We all have the same power, it doesn’t matter if you are President of the United States or a village man. It just takes a bullet to pierce through your lungs and kill you.

What you should understand from this post is, have belief in yourself. It doesn’t have to be religious, it could be spiritual. Have belief in who you are. Don’t be easily lead. Have faith in your growth as a smart, understanding, reasonable person. And most of all, be open. Don’t ever base your judgment purely on what you experience. Look out for perspective, then make a standpoint. Only make a standpoint if you are willing to learn from others. We live to learn so never stop learning. EVER!


In Self Help on July 10, 2012 at 3:46 pm

You know I am not patient. Give me a break, and hurry up!

Patience is one of those skills that a lot of people suffer from. They just can’t seem to get their head around the concept of patience. How to be patient. How to maximise patience. How to feel patient and not feel lonely. What does patience even teach you in the first place??

Those are the sort of statements people wonder about after realising they aren’t patient and haven’t got anything to do apart from being patient. Patience is depressing and frustrating for people my age (17), and that really exists in college and normal everyday life. I could be in class and everyone is counting down the minutes to the end of the lesson. I do too. It is really long, and people lose focus on the task at hand, and end up learning nothing. We become blind to how important our lives are and that we should invest every second of our lives becoming better people and not wishing for the end to come. Speaking from experience, I am a person that used to be the most impatient person ever. I am really organised and plan well, but I lacked the ability to sit and wait for people or things.

Patience could either be your best friend or your worse enemy in your life. I love patience (amazingly). The point when I can wait for something to come instead of having it straight away. The point of wondering what will come and the outcome of what I am being patient for. In addition, I have become more content with myself since I am a patient individual. I feel good 9.5/10 times in the day and that is all because I am allowing life to happen when it wants to and that seems to factor positively in my own development.  If patience is your best friend, it can guide you to a fruitful and positive life that can only make you grow into a better person. A patient person is able to learn what is there and what is work taking advantage of in the seconds he or she has. If patience is your worse enemy then expect conflict with the world. It will hurt you, because you want to jump five steps on an imbalanced pavement instead of taking and acknowledging every step beautifully as it comes.

Like I said earlier in the post, I used to be impatient, but I have changed. As a teenager living in London, everything seems to happen so fast and people would say ‘If you live in New York, things keep moving, so keep up.’ I believe that it doesn’t matter where you are. Stay patient and think about everything you experience and just keep trusting yourself and forever you will live beautifully. Your patience is like your safe house. Keep it a secret. Keep it to yourself, and embrace it. Don’t let anyone know about it, where it is, or what is looks like. Your patience keeps you sane, like your safe house keeps you safe.

If you struggle with patience, just think about the beautiful things that exists right there and then. Work on what’s there. That’s all it takes.