In Travel on October 4, 2012 at 4:50 pm

So since my life has shifted majorly in the last 24 hours, I have made a plan for what I hope to achieve from now to Septembers 2013. I thought I would share it with my fellow bloggers.

1. College: I am going to be focusing solely on college this year. I want to not just pass, but pass exceptionally well. I want to make sure that I am achieving my best in all my classes, not just the best in the class, if you get what I mean. So that means achieving A’s and Distinctions in Media: Video Applied, Literature and Business (my lovely subjects).

2. TheLookoutDiary: I hope to be able to push my blog and further and become more established in my love for writing. Hopefully think of new ventures. Something I am keeping a secret from all of you bloggers out there. I want to be the best at my game. It’s a game because I love it so much.

3. New York or San Diego: I hope to fly over to either one of these two places next year, as an individual taking his first trip alone without family. I don’t even want to bring any friends. I want to have an individual experience.

4. Make New Friends: I want to use this year not to only focus on ambitions, but build relationships with people. Meaningful people that can help me grow as an individual. People that I can share amazing experiences with. But not travel with…..yet. Like I said, first trip is alone. I am definitely willing to have people on the second one.

5. ME: I simply want to be myself, and not project myself as anything or anyone but me. Identity in CHEEECCCKKK! 

  1. Number 5 is my favorite. And I’m curious to your plans for number 3

    • Number 3 is simple. I am thinking saving up at least £1,000 in any way I can. Legally of course. Then just book and fly. If New York is cheaper (most likely be), I may stick with that. But if I find something reasonable with San Diego, then I am willing to pay whatever. And finally, just be a tourist.and account my journey on my blog. If it works well, possibly invest in a travelling blog. Number 5 is definitely the most important.

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