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To all my followers,

I am truly sorry I have quit blogging….I am kidding. Writing is my life. I will never stop writing.

I have a new website. It will be updated as often as a writer can keep writing. The focus is still the same. I will spread truth, honesty, love and compassion towards all my readers through my perception of life and the significant experiences that occur in my life. I swear to never write words with no reason or be pretentious but only pure and honest with every syllable, adjective, noun and pronoun that is published on my page.

If you want to follow me on my quest for greatness, meaning and growth, keep following. Bookmark my new website, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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The Power Of Conversation

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Growing up, I have realised that how we communicate with each other is so powerful in the sense that we all have different ways of holding conversations with people. We all speak different languages, with different dialects and talk to people in such a way that relates to our emotions, feelings, and opinions.

Conversation is not a skill we are born with or inhabit, but something we learn over long periods of time. To learn how to hold a conversation takes years of practice. You have to learn how hold a subject of discussion, how to respond to expected and unexpected comments, statements and opinions and how to conduct yourself as a professional individual. Of course not every conversation you have in life, expects you to be professional but you have to professional in the sense that you deliver in the way you wanted to even though your subject may be lets say…..comic.

My opinions on conversation are that every individual should have an idea about what they want to talk about before they speak. Every individual should understand both sides of a conversation, since every story has two sides. The power of your conversation, comes from your conviction in your voice, which is rooted in your understanding of your topic and a formal stand point. And finally, any good conversation needs an end or time out where time is given to reflect on how powerful or life changing, a conversation has been.

Every conversation is powerful. Every conversation should be credited. And since we all live in a world full of knowledge, there has to be something extraordinary that has come from one great conversation.

The Unpredictable Life

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NB. The people are made up

You know how people say life is unpredictable.

You make plans to do things and prepare the best you can, but it seems like nature doesn’t want to work with you, or see you through it. Nature comes along with its magic wand, lightsaber, or boxing gloves, and knocks you out, or simply releases you of energy, or control of your situation.

On many occasions, I wonder if life is unpredictable. I wonder if my life should be lived a certain way. I wonder if every little thing I do, will have a big effect on the outcome of my life. If I miss a bus, and catch the next one, will my whole life be changed forever? Or will the people I interact with or the simple things I change have a big effect on the outcome of my life or their life. I always question this ‘lifestyle’ or ‘human performance’ or this ‘living synchronicity’ that seems to exist among me and all the other humans that exist on this planet, called Earth. Who controls the outcome in our life? Is it us, or do other humans interfere with what is supposed to happen in our life. Again, it is a question to ask if life is supposed to be planned or forever unpredictable.

The Business Man:

Tom has starting capital of £1 million (savings) and has a unique business idea that is likely to be successful. He could be consulted by key business magnets in the industry about the viability of his business. He could make an exceptional business plan, and do his business risk assessments, known as a SWOT analysis, and could open up a fashion store in two years’ time. So Tom successfully started his business and the business made £2 million in revenue. It is forever growing.

The Traveller:

Lindsey is going from London, to New York. She has a flight at 08:00pm in the morning at London Heathrow, Terminal 5. She packs her bags two days before. Goes shopping the next day and buys all the essential goods needed for her trip. She gets to the airport, forgets her passport at home, and her flight leaves in one hour and a half. She has her phone but it is on red battery life, because she forgot to charge it overnight. Lindsey attempts to call home. Sadly, she can’t get in touch with anyone at home, after using her phone which dies and the customer service desk telephone. Lindsey has to go home, and she cannot replace her flight unless she pays a cancellation and reschedule fee of £200, which she doesn’t have because the purpose of her trip is to visit family. She only has $50 for a four day trip.

The Writer:

Ray, a really talented writer, completes a thriller novel, which has taken him six months of his life. He has suffered criticism from lots of people, who believe he won’t make it as a writer, and his work isn’t worthy, but Ray keeps going on and that has led him to the point where he is able to get his novel published by the Harper Collins. On the day of sending his manuscript, his laptop crashes and all of his valuable data is lost. His flash drive is connected to the laptop and his back up file containing his manuscript is deleted. He didn’t save it anywhere else except his flash drive and laptop. This was his living purpose since January.

The questions that make me wonder. Was the entrepreneur supposed to be successful? He planned really well. He forecasted his business plans and prepared effectively for the worse to come. He still had his home as an asset (worth £3 million), but didn’t have a job, because he quit his job to give his business venture, his full attention. If he failed, he wouldn’t be doing anything, and he would be valued at £3 million rather than £4 million, after spending £1 million on developing on his business idea. He was successful, and the worse didn’t occur. Lindsey didn’t make her flight, didn’t get to go on holiday, and lost all the money she has put into her trip (£400), leaving her with $50, which she hoped to spend in New York City. She simply went home with the bits of change she had. Was her life supposed to have ended up like that or was it all her fault and bad planning? Did an external force have control over her operations? Ray didn’t retrieve his files. He had to start from scratch again, and all his hard work went to waste. Was it really his time to publish, or was he supposed to be doing something else in his life. Or was he being protected from a bad outcome or an unfortunate event?

The feeling of life being predictable and unpredictable makes us question our reality and process of living. Do we live for a greater force or are we supposed to live and not plan? We can plan so much, but it takes something so little to destroy our own created forces that give us power and control. The essence of living is far from being known to man or woman, but if we did know, would we plan so much, or just live in the very second and not care about sudden change?

The ability to plan and change gives us the power to gain wealth (financial and non-financial) and live with security, but the security we have is nothing if a greater force controls every action man or woman does.

2011 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,200 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 37 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

New Years Is Hours Away (London)

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If any of you don’t know, I live in London, so NEW YEARS is round the corner. I have had a good year. I have learned so much about myself. I have made life changing friends, inspirational friends, and friends that I dismiss because as time moves on, people change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

I have learned that communication is powerful among us human beings. I have talked with people about shallow things like ‘Is Jay Z a better rapper than Kanye?’. I have talked to people about deep things like politics and if freedom actually exists among us human beings. With everyday going, I have learned that as we grow, we become more intelligent and with positive communication, the world can change completely. In this year, I have realised that in order to do anything you want, you have to work HARD for it. You should never give up and never procrastinate. Never put things off thinking you will do it at a later stage. Just make the most of the time you have. In addition, I have learned that you should take advantage of you talents and your ability to do anything you want in your life.

Right, at this second, I hope to develop knowledge that I can preach to the world and reach the people that I cannot see. I hope to do what is good rather than what seems to be good. I want to do the the right thing always and never say ‘because 2012 start in a few hours, I will start then.’ I would gladly start at this second.

Next year is indeed 2012. That means another year on this planet. We as people should not change ourselves to fit other peoples needs, but become better people within ourselves and hopefully fulfil our own happiness. I believe that we should not wait for greatness but seek greatness within ourselves wherever we can. And that means starting RIGHT now!




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Finishing school gives you the opportunity to really catch a bite to eat. So, walking in Hammersmith, you are faced with fast food shops in every direction. You have Tops Pizza for the people that enjoy fat, fat, fat. You have Starbucks for people that like to be high. You have a kebab shop for people who like chicken, or lamb and want to add a few calories to their diet. And lastly McDonalds for the people who don’t give a shit about their diet!

When choosing what you eat, you have a massive problem. Eat your mums lovely, sweated out and sexy prepared sandwich (which you didn’t buy the bread, ham, turkey or chicken because you don’t have a job) or the sassy, succulent kebab from the confined, cultured Lebanese kebab shop. I gave into the Lebanese culture kebab. Call me a traitor, I don’t give a shit. You always need to have a variety of foods in your life regardless of the 50p extra charge (Conservatives corruption). If you remember the times in high school when all you could eat was packed lunch, you would definitely want to walk out of college and into a fat infested fast food shop.

Don’t forget to pick up WATER! (like you would, you love the look of that coke)

The Stranger

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I love being a stranger to people. They don’t know anything about me and I don’t know anything about them. I can show any persona of myself that I want and all that the strangers of my personality can do is either accept it or deny it. That is the true beauty of being a stranger.

In college, I have made a group of amazing friends that are really honest people. What I mean is that we are all crazy in our own way and it works because at least when your freaky,  interesting, and your funny shitty behaviour comes out, everyone accepts it and it’s honest!

In the last couple weeks, I have become less of a stranger and more of ‘the guy’ that people know around school. I am not trying to act like I am popular. I am still Derrick, the weird guy with a ‘strange’ mind and messed up but brilliant persona.

Everyone feels weird in a groups at first but we gradually feel comfortable after some time. One of my friends (Ali) was average (my word for boring)  at first, then his funny character blossomed and I have to say, I haven’t met anyone funnier than him. That is the same for my other friends Makeda, Elliot, Geneva, Pablo, Amy, Chioma, Christian and Alie!

What everyone should take from this post is that we will always feel weird around new people, but once we feel comfortable, we all become crazy and look like we take drugs!

Just Keep Going #2

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When I was in high school, I had this friend who goes by the name of ‘Kliicks.’ We were tight and cool. He was passionate and deep in his music like I am enthusiastic and passionate about blogging and business. Well, you know how I did a post on Just Keep Going and never giving up, well that is what my friend did and ever since he found music. He has been improving everyday, on a mission to success.

What a person does will always cause hate, put downs and the often ”that’s for someone else, don’t waste your time trying,”response.

It is people like that who work hard to get what they want and not become lazy that have a closer chance of making it than the person who gives up because they see everyone else doing it. If I kept on saying that there are so many bloggers out there (which is true) and I can’t be the best and have a following, I may as well quit now and find a new ambition. You have to keep going regardless of what life throws at you.

It will not be EASY. If it were easy, everyone will do it!

How To Survive College #1

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N.B. College in UK is the last 2 years before college education in the USA.

If you have read my latest posts you would have known that I have recently started college. I have made friends and now I have enormous amounts of work that has deadlines and a life that is almost jam packed with education. I have recently come up with a few tips for the typical student that is trying to survive college to the best of their ability and hopefully get far in life.

1) Always do work on time and preferably on the day you get it.

2) Make friends with people that actually want to succeed in life.

3) Do a sport out of school or a club that isn’t related to work eg. computer club, football club, basketball club. It allows you to make friends without the fear of embarrassing yourself.

4) Make time to go to the library. I don’t like it but that is where you find people who want to succeed and want to go to university.

5) After 2 months of school, ask someone to be your study partner. Work can get boring so a partner can make it slightly more interesting. I call it ‘not suffering alone, but together.’ Suffering together, makes it fun.

6) Always try to enjoy yourself regardless of the stress college gives you.

College is a place to network with people in an educational enviroment. Take advantage of social networking but don’t abuse it and flop your exams.

Good Luck to every student trying to get further in life. Belief in yourself, will get you far.



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I can’t believe it has already been 2 weeks at college and the stresses are catching up on me. I am just wanting a break, even though it has just been my personal introduction to advanced level education. I would rather lounge at home, watch the Matrix Trilogy or write all day and hang out with friends. Education is needed though. It gives you opportunity and that gives you success in whatever you want to do in life.

I am the social type of person. If I go to college and we were told that we couldn’t talk to anyone, I wouldn’t even survive a day, yet alone a week. I need socialisation in college as it gives me an advantage in connecting with people. With that in mind, education is very important right now, and all I have been doing is learning how adapt to my new routine of ‘off key’ lesson times and a bunch of new people who I have been suprisingly confident to talk to.

If you are in college and it’s going pretty slowly and you are starting to realise that it is not what you imagined, just look at it as a challenge that if you pass your exams, you will get what you want after. It may be university or employment. Just keep going and be dedicated through out!