I guess you got far enough to get onto this page, so here is a little bit about me..

  • My name is Derrick
  • I am 17 years old
  • Live in London, England
  • I am British, Ugandan and Jamaican
  • My family originally come from Uganda (mum side) and Jamaica (dad side)
  • I currently go to college
  • I skate around London with @Overindulging
  • Planes excite me. I plane spot basically
  • I love pizza
  • Hate chocolate
  • Enjoy going to the cinema
  • Hip Hop rapes my iPod
  • I love to write creatively about things that inspire me, teach me and change me as a person.
  • Just know there is more to come from me.
  1. Sounds like a great project! I really like this idea!

  2. Have really enjoyed reading your blog, and I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Since your articles are so poignant, I have renominated you as well! 🙂

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