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In Self Help on August 30, 2012 at 11:04 pm

My mindset a couple hours ago was purely about getting by. Not actually exceeding my potential. I had a mindset of a person that would just like to get by in life. I have hopes and aspirations, but never really put anything towards it. Yes, I have a few talents that I am praised for and proud of,  such as my writing, but even with that, I haven’t exactly pushed myself hard enough to be the best.

Not getting the desired outcome I expect, causes me to trip over mentally. I have aspirations to travel, explore the world, have a nice house, and have an amazing group of friends, but the honest truth is that I have never really pushed hard for it. I do the minimum to get by, but never the over and above. The only time I push myself, is when I am doing a sport. The reason I push myself then, is because my mindset from a young age, was embedded with the fact that I have to always do better than last time in any physical sport. I thank my mum for instilling that in me, from the age of 5.

The mindset of the typical individual is ‘let’s do what we need to do to survive and that’s okay, as long as we are secure.’ If an individual does enough to survive, he or she doesn’t have to push harder to out perform his or her last achievement. For me, I need to realise, in order for me to achieve even 10% of my ambitions, I need to push hard and reach deep. Nothing comes easy, nothing is simple. To be the best you got to work hard, every single day till you perfect your craft and get the result you desired.

My mindset is no longer, get it done so I can have a break but let’s have a break when the job has been done properly. A perfect time doesn’t exist, because when you look for perfect times, you miss opportunity.


The Risk

In Self Help on June 16, 2012 at 5:28 pm

In my life, I have moments when I think to myself, ‘Do I actually take risks?’ I go to college and live a good life, in a stable home with my mum, but then I think about the times when I have taken ‘the’ risk. The risk to do something extraordinary or have the guts to take a leap of faith to challenge myself to do something I haven’t done before.

Considering all I do in my life is college, write and spend time with family, I am seriously questioning my ability to believe in myself and take a risk that doesn’t fit into my daily routine. Constantly as human beings we are battling our own thoughts and beliefs to seek what is right for us, and when the time comes for us to do something that can change ourselves completely. If we constantly do the same things everyday, surely we will get bored. If we aim to achieve something but only get to a certain point, then a wall surrounds us, where do we go? How do we keep moving to the unknown and new places that help us make sense of our identity.

I go to college 5 days a week, and have lessons at awkward times. When a time comes when I am free from lessons, I could either do something leisure related or study. I most of the time have to study. But if I am not studying, I am doing very repetitive things that don’t really move me forward to experience new things. I would be tweeting, writing, watching films or spending hours on Skype talking to my girlfriend. It becomes an unstructured routine in my life.

The challenge we have as human beings is finding new things to do, and having the confidence to try something that doesn’t fit into our ‘most comfortable’ routine. It is like a new form of laziness that isn’t the same as the typical lazy human being that doesn’t do anything in his or her life. It is the lazy, where we feel so comfortable that anything we do has to be something already done. I am a human being that loves to experience new things. I would go out and watch a film with friends or take a train journey to my girlfriend’s house which is in a place called no where (not literally) and do things that are planned (I love planning). When I have plans to do things that aren’t part of my routine in life, I feel good. I just can’t get myself to do things that aren’t planned, unexpected or extraordinarily risky. The risk is the feeling that I don’t know what will come, so I cannot prepare for failure.

The problem is that when we plan so much and never take the risk, the excitement in any experience weakens, as well as the satisfaction in the result. We love good results. We are humans, so we love the peak in human performance. It be an amazing musical piece an artist makes or the ability to run a couple kilometres and beat your record time. When we feel satisfied with what we have done before, we always ask ourselves about the possible result of a different outcome if we took the risk to not know what will come. Those that are scared of risks, feel good, satisfied (sometimes a lie) and unsatisfied (never admit, but complain) with where they are. Those that take risks, always love the thrill of learning or experiencing something that can either move them forward or move them back, because they can never stay static.

If we all learned how to move away from our typical routine of 9-5 working days and more into the unexpected living, we would learn something completely different about ourselves. If we planned less and hoped for the best, while preparing for the worse, we can only learn and grow. We may often feel disappointment and despair when we don’t get the result or the leap of faith we took was a leap to far.

Dr Cornel West, my favourite Philosopher once said….

He who has never despaired, has never lived.  But you cannot let despair have the last word.

What that has taught me in my confusing teenage life is that we will feel beat down and heartbroken when we don’t get the desired results, but that means that we should always get back up. It doesn’t matter about our circumstances or fear. Our risk taken, if we take it, can only teach us, but never break us, only if we allow it to.

We face challenges but we should just keep moving forward because life is about living. Our lives are too short for being petrified. If we don’t move forward, how can we ever assure ourselves that we have actually lived? Take the risk. Enjoy the risk, but most of all learn from it.


In Self Help on February 29, 2012 at 12:48 am

In the last couple weeks and months, I have been realising that I love to dream. The fact that I can sleep and think about all the things I want to happen, reflect on what has already happened, and sometimes regret what has happened already, has given me hope in this world. In fact, when I dream and reflect on my life, I inspire myself to realise that I live to do something great on this planet called EARTH. I am in a confusing stage in my life, where I am unsure what I want from life. I don’t exactly know what I want to become. The only things I do know is that I love to write, listen to music, procrastinate, and talk to people for hours on end about things that are pointless. I love to learn about the world, and inspire those that have yet been inspired. I love interacting with other people and getting to know their vibe, and sharing my vibes with them. There is no other way to put it.

I believe that when you set yourself goals in life, you are not only setting aims and objectives, but you are designing your life and shaping your own reality to fit what you see in the world. When I wake up and think to myself ‘Why do I have to go to college?,’ I am realising that I don’t like college but at the same time, I am desiging my future, according to what I feel at that second. Yes, I have dreams and ambitions, but sometimes, in order for me to focus on achieving my dreams and ambitions, I will need to do the things that I don’t particularly like, regardless of how much I hate a specific teacher, or subject matter in my Sociology or Business class. Desiging my world, is only up to me, and I have control of shaping my reality. That is where my optimism kicks in.

I am an optimistic teenage boy. I believe in positivity and feeling good always. I also believe in never focusing on the negatives and concentrating on the positive side of life. If I stay positive and have hope, I believe that whatever I do is destined for greatness.  People constantly tell me that I have too many high hopes and I need to get with reality and stop believing in things that may never happen. They pull me down, and I waste my time trying to justify my reasons to people that are not worth my time, day or voice. If I know I can achieve something, the only thing that is stopping me from achieving my goals is the negative criticism and my own personal belief that I hold to myself. If I control my own personal beliefs, disregard the negative criticism and demand positive criticism from like-minded people, I believe I would do better. Even better, if I control my own mind and interpretations, I believe that nothing will stop me. And forever I will work hard, and continue dreaming till the day comes when I can say I DID IT.