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When Black Is Not Beautiful?

In Media, Movies, Relationships on January 14, 2012 at 7:44 pm

If you have Twitter, you have definitely seen the trends relating to dark skin v light skin women. If you are not living under a rock, you may have realised that society’s perception of black women is more complex than you think. We live in a society where the media controls our perception of beauty and corporate industries influence our beliefs and shape our personalities. We as people, have become attracted to a certain kind of beauty that the media has taken control of, and as a result, we are easily influenced and our beliefs continually shift. Constant shifting causes us to be insatiable towards beauty.

The media has a clear idea about what beauty is and what beauty should look like in society. If we had to make a definition of beauty in terms of the media, the definition would be as follows.

” As long as you look lighter, you look more beautiful. If you are darker, your beauty is worth less.”

In terms of the media and their control, beauty is exactly that and will never change unless we change our individual perception of beauty. Corporate industries are more likely to put a black woman with really light skin in their million dollar marketing campaign than a dark skinned woman. Even better, they would prefer to put a white woman who hasn’t got a shade of black. We as a society, accept these conditions because we have been conditioned to believe that fairer skin is more attractive, sexy or beautiful. Hollywood is an excellent example of beauty perception. When we see any type of film that is directed by a top Hollywood director, we never see a dark skinned women as the woman of great sex appeal. Instead we see someone that is white. It is like we use dark skinned women as a last resort.

In the clothing industry, the perception of beauty is even more apparent. A prime example of a shop that doesn’t have any advertising campaign with a black woman, or even a light skinned women is Hollister. I really like their clothes and fashion style, but I have never seen a poster with a black woman or advert with a light skin woman. We could say their demographic is middle-class white people, but if so many people of all cultures are purchasing their goods, they should change their marketing demographic a little. It is not like only white people shop there. You have a variety of people, of all nationalities and backgrounds. A different company, with a very similar style that does really well is Ralph Lauren. They cater for the same market, but they appeal to all people, from all backgrounds.

We need to start to appreciate all beauty. I talk to some of my friends from college and as guys we talk about women. A LOT. The conversation is interesting because we talk about typical women everyone likes. Women like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Mila Kunis and Katy Perry. What I realise is that we never talk about dark skinned girls. We only ever talk about light skin women, like dark skinned women don’t exist. I mentioned Kelly Rowland, I know. Everyone loves her. She is like the dark skinned beauty queen of the world. I want to talk about the dark skin women we don’t see very often.

Beyonce looks ugly in the picture on the left. That isn’t her natural skin tone. Loreal obviously lightened her skin to make her look more beautiful. When they did that, they were hoping people would buy their product. Obviously, buying the product makes you look beautiful to a certain degree, but when you make a black woman look less black, it shows how the media is so against dark skinned women. Beyonce isn’t the only example. A lot of celebrities have been photoshopped to the max to increase a company’s income and present an idealistic look that isn’t true. We lose our identity and self value entirely. A sort of false consciousness, run by the capitalist society.

I want to stress that all women are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are dark skin or light skin. Black women are simply black women. They are all beautiful regardless of skin tone. I would also like to stress that we should appreciate all beauty, not only media’s perception of beauty. We should not be ignorant, stupid and/or foolish by going onto Twitter and any other social sites, debating if dark skinned black women are better looking than light skinned black woman. We should not easily be led by society’s perception of beauty but see the beauty that lies beyond the skin tone. If you are light skinned, appreciate it and feel beautiful. If you are dark skinned, appreciate it and feel beautiful. Don’t fight it and cause yourself to feel out of place. If you do feel out of place, the media has taken control of you.

I would simply like to say that I find it rather strange when a woman appreciates a dark skinned man compared to a light skin man. But when it comes to women, we prefer the opposite. My overall opinion on women, which I haven’t clearly given is this. I love all types of women regardless of nationality. Me being brought up in an African household, I feel closer to black women. When it comes to choosing a dark skinned woman or a light skinned women, I don’t give a shit. Just show me that you are a loving, understanding, caring, honest and a faithful human being and I will love you back. Simple as that.



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Finishing school gives you a lot of time. I had to find a way to occupy myself for the time being wasted in my house listening to hip hop all day and writing on occasion. I got the opportunity to work with independent fashion designer, Merci Me who specialises in women’s wear.

I was given the opportunity to take control of her social status on the web. I love business and has been my passion for many years. I want to take as many opportunities to develop my business experience as possible so by working with Merci Me, I will improve my skills within business.

On my first day I woke up at 7.30 to be at work for 9. It wasn’t a bad start actually. I set up her social sites and discussed objectives and aims. That was actually interesting because every day we make aims and objectives which we hope to achieve. Some people procrastinate and get nowhere, some achieve greatly.  I am part of the bunch that achieve greatly. Especially little aims like blogging once a day and talking to a really good friend.

So I had lunch that afternoon then straight after, I started taking pictures of dresses. The dresses were really nice. They don’t look cheap at all. They look like the sort of dresses you would have to find from special people that are at the top of the game.  It is kind of like a special a fashion designer celebrities go to and only the wealthiest have opportunities to buy straight away.

As it was my first day, it wasn’t particularly difficult, just getting used to how things run and what to do at certain times of the day. As my job is social presence on the web, I was hooked onto my laptop, camera and phone throughout the whole time. Personally, if you don’t have those things then why are you working in social media? Let’s be honest as possible.

Well my day finished after shooting some video footage from my Blackberry and realising that I didn’t bring my USB. That is not professional. So, as a solution, I took an old video made from an art course I did a couple weeks back and edited it. I needed to show what I was made of.

Anyway, that was my day. Long, hard worked and creatively inspiring!


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I had my first day at work. My workplace being my grandparents house. Yeah seriously! My job is working for my aunt and helping her with social networking on the web to improve her fashion label. I really enjoyed it because that is my first client of my business which I randomly came across this morning. The reason it is crazy and weird and random is because I didn’t expect it to be my own business, I just expected it to be me working for someone to improve their social status. So I thought to myself, let me get clients and help them with social networking on the web. I have work coming soon which I hope could help with me being popular on the web as well helping people within their own business.

I really like business as I have constantly said many times and I have become interested not only in business but in property investment. I know there is money to be earned with houses and I am aiming to get as many houses as possible to reach a £10 million income mark. That is a dream but a dream that can be achieved with the help of some family members that are related to that field of work. I choose houses as an investment above shares and other money making schemes because it is simpler in terms of understanding the fundamentals and who wouldn’t want to earn money off a house and land.

Over the past few days really experienced many things. I have experienced how to work with others, how to make decisions upon the progression of my own self. I have even learned a lot about Derrick (me). I live each day just experiencing what comes and trying my best to get the most out of each day. As a teen, I always question if I am working way to hard, or if I am working on things past my age but I just enjoy what I do everyday, that’s all I can say really.

One more thing, I came across this site that has brilliant fashion photo’s. I found it after my first day of work. It makes you think your fashion style is practically simple and useless. I think 80% of me being on the site was because of the women. The other percentage was the clothing, lets be honest. Now that site defines ‘swag.’ Check out the website Look Book.

Question: What is your favourite fashion label?


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I guarantee by the title, a lot of you readers were thinking about vehicles. I am talking about the other vans. The vans you wear when you are going skating. The vans you wear as a fashion statement. Through out my life I have been searching for the perfect shoes. I sound like a women saying this but it’s absolutely true. I have tried Nike, DC’s, Adidas and even Converse but nothing sizes up to Vans. Converse come second to my preference of shoes, if anyone is wondering. Vans style, swagger and extreme sports lifestyle that goes with the purpose of the shoe is just phenomenal. For me I skateboard, so I bought my first pair a couple years back when Vans as a company was in ghost town. Only skaters knew about what they were about and as time went on it’s become a necessity for all people, from all different lifestyles to wear a good decent pair of Vans. Now they are popular because so many celebrities have them like Rihanna for example.

One of my main objectives in life is to own a variety of vans. So vans for different occasions. Now we are talking about dropping £40 every week so I can look good in multiple colours of the same type of shoe. I think how women need shoes for every occasion is how people need Vans for shopping, eating out, travelling, cinema trips, and even taking out the garbage. Personally my favourite colour vans are purple. I have only owned two pairs but that is enough for me to L.O.V.E them.

The beauty of Vans is that they are for everyone. They are for the intellects in society, the cool and casual people like students, business people when they are at casual events, sports athletes and even for the old because they can easily be slipped on and off without much energy use. They are just modern and in touch with fashion in this century.

What else can I say but ‘I LIKE VANS!’

QUESTION: What is your favourite colour Vans? And If you haven’t bought a pair, what colour would you buy? What other shoes brand do you like?