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In Self Help on October 1, 2012 at 1:26 am

Today, I did the longest ever study session of my life, and I still feel amazing and full of energy. I started studying at 3:00pm, after going to the gym from 11:00 to 12:30 and then coming home to eat brunch and then update my Tumblr. I finished studying minutes to midnight with frequent breaks and a power nap (20mins). The best thing ever happened to me in terms understanding what drives my hard work and determination, which I didn’t have before, but started applying recently when starting college. Last year I flopped pretty much all my exams because I counted the hours I worked everyday, applying quantity rather than quality. I thought to myself if I put in 3 hours today, I will be up to scratch and be able to relax a little bit. That type of thought or drive is completely wrong and should have never been my driving force for success. It sets your up for failure and puts you on the borderline, just like it did for me.

What has started to drive me in terms of hard work and application is my ability to empty my cup (full of preconceptions of self standard) and take every learning opportunity as a new experience. In addition, I constantly think about my ambitions, and dreams in life. I used to think that success is luck, and that you don’t have to work hard, hard to become successful, but hard enough. I then realised that hard work and success differentiates you from lazy people. If you want something that is amazing, exclusive and life changing, you’re going to have to shift your mind set from doing what is necessary to do what is overcapacity so you’re full with more knowledge than you need, so you can reach further and beyond. If everyone is able to have what you want, it must mean it is cheap and quick to obtain, but if what you want is something like a million dollar mansion, of course you will have to work hard to be the best, since million dollar mansions are not available to everyone. Obviously, because there are very few millionaires on this planet. So when I think about what I want in life, I realise that they aren’t available to everyone, so as a smart individual, I have to work harder than everyone else to be on top of my game and be the be the best at whatever I am doing. I cannot settle for less, or settle at the standard of the majority, because where the majority stand is an easy and comfortable position that has many people complaining for better.

A good technique of finding your motivation to work hard is to simply write down everything you want to achieve in life, and put them in a list of importance. Then write down what you need to achieve what you want, and then just simply apply yourself after. If you have no idea what you want to achieve in life, simply work hard in everything you do, explore and become adventurous.



In Self Help on August 30, 2012 at 11:04 pm

My mindset a couple hours ago was purely about getting by. Not actually exceeding my potential. I had a mindset of a person that would just like to get by in life. I have hopes and aspirations, but never really put anything towards it. Yes, I have a few talents that I am praised for and proud of,  such as my writing, but even with that, I haven’t exactly pushed myself hard enough to be the best.

Not getting the desired outcome I expect, causes me to trip over mentally. I have aspirations to travel, explore the world, have a nice house, and have an amazing group of friends, but the honest truth is that I have never really pushed hard for it. I do the minimum to get by, but never the over and above. The only time I push myself, is when I am doing a sport. The reason I push myself then, is because my mindset from a young age, was embedded with the fact that I have to always do better than last time in any physical sport. I thank my mum for instilling that in me, from the age of 5.

The mindset of the typical individual is ‘let’s do what we need to do to survive and that’s okay, as long as we are secure.’ If an individual does enough to survive, he or she doesn’t have to push harder to out perform his or her last achievement. For me, I need to realise, in order for me to achieve even 10% of my ambitions, I need to push hard and reach deep. Nothing comes easy, nothing is simple. To be the best you got to work hard, every single day till you perfect your craft and get the result you desired.

My mindset is no longer, get it done so I can have a break but let’s have a break when the job has been done properly. A perfect time doesn’t exist, because when you look for perfect times, you miss opportunity.


In Self Help on June 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm

I don’t try to come across as arrogant. I don’t even try to come across as the best person in the world. I just have this unbelievable amount of confidence that keeps me positive every single day. The problem I have in life right now is that I am exploring the world, trying to be the best person I can be and learn everything about myself and others, that I forget how to just chill. I am not talking about chilling in the sense that I am lazy. I can easily be lazy and just allow the world to go by. I already do that, while trying to perfect my life. I  don’t relax in the sense that I am not analysing. I analyse everything, and it works out perfectly fine. I just never switch off. That is my shortfall!

I always have solutions. I always have answers. Even in silence, I am still analysing, but people don’t notice. I don’t have to speak but I am constantly working. I can allow life to flow but in that flow, I am still mentally having a structure that puts me at work. It is like when you are relaxing but you know you are, so you are working. I may not be making sense, but my perfectionist, positive approach in life, brings me down. Just like they say too much of anything isn’t good for you. When I don’t stress, never get angry, and find quick solutions to problems, yes I am flowing but I am not flowing in the sense that I have no idea what is coming next.

Sometimes I wish that instead of not knowing what is coming and being prepared, why don’t I not plan my back up plan and just allow things to fall where they are supposed to. Not try to solve every little thing in the world. Not try to be the perfectionist I am. Simply, just put my mind at rest.

In my relationship, I have this problem where I know what my girlfriend thinks before she thinks it. I don’t tell her of course. So when she finds something shocking or weird, I find it normal as if I knew already. It is like knowing the future without knowing the future. I have my defences ready, and solutions so I am not vulnerable. I constantly tell people, it’s good to feel vulnerable because you are more safe, that tightened up and constraint from movement. My vulnerability causes me to feel pain, but not for so long. I am constantly repairing myself and act as if nothing happened.

CONFUSED LIFE. I am only 17 as well.



In Self Help on June 23, 2012 at 3:33 am

Why Don’t I Get Angry?

The law of attraction allows me to be positive in the most depressing and negative times. I may experience something that is really bad or supposedly negative, but because of the law of attraction, I am constantly the happiest man alive.

The law of attraction says that if you attract positivity, you get positive outcomes. If you attract negativity, you get negative outcomes. This works in all aspects of my life. If I am positive towards this post and think of this post as something life changing. It is more than likely to be life changing and motivating because of my positive attraction towards it.

I rarely ever get angry in my life, because when I have an experience, I only allow despair to be present for a couple minutes. If I am in despair, because of something very deep, I look at the situation, have sorrow and despair present in my soul, but my positivity keeps me moving and helps me find positive solutions that will slowly solve the puzzle that has been shuffled, separated and randomised.

This links to the fact that I am never really that fazed or disgusted by people, experiences or things in life. Some people call me mad and say ‘Derrick, do you ever feel like lashing out?’ I always tell them ‘Yes, always!’ The fact that we have many emotions, we are allowed to express negativity but if that dominates our lives, then we will be negative human beings that attract negative outcomes.

In addition, this links to everything we do in life. From doing an exam paper, to writing a book, to going to the gym and eating the right foods. If we are not willing to feed our soul with positivity, how do we attract positivity in our daily lives. Our success, is paved by the route we take to success, not the time taken to get there. If we worry about the time rather than the route and journey, we will get no where. If we look too deeply at the negatives in our dreams and hopes, we will never reach there or get the best result out of our chosen hopes and dreams.

So why don’t I get angry often? I just allow positivty to dominate my life. I never allow anyone to tell me negative things that diminish my chances of success. I keep an open mind so I can be critiqued and critical in my thinking. I use critique positively and I never think of myself as more important than anyone else. I am just one, like every other human being in the world. I just keep pushing for sucess and happiness, since despair and defeat are not in my vocabulary anymore.

We will feel sad and hurtful, sometimes pain, but that is just life. We are supposed to feel that when we experience challenges. Just fight it, and be the person on top. Start you day with something positive and finish it with something positive.

Perfection never teaches you. Despair and negative outcomes do, since they are not what you want. You are willing to learn from what you don’t want, since you want something greater. Something that fulfils your happiness, fills you with joy and purpose in life.

Bad Timing

In Self Help on June 17, 2012 at 6:17 pm

We all have bad timing. It is something we experience and learn from everyday. Bad timing for catching a bus, bad timing for a Facebook comment that doesn’t make sense and bad timing for saying something in public that doesn’t make sense.

I have learned in my life, that when we experience ‘bad timing,’ we don’t need to think so much about our actions but instead think less and rationally. From my own experience, I have had bad timing for many things. Some are minor, some not. The second thing I have learned is that as long as we are breathing, we can progress and do amazing things that go beyond that one negative thought or action.

We should live by believing in our instinct. Our instinct gives us a quick solution. The solution should be something that naturally comes and doesn’t take hurtful thinking. The easy solution that pops in your head shouldn’t be misinterpreted for a bad decision. If something is easy, it doesn’t mean it is bad or less amazing or life changing.

Go with the flow, and believe in your instincts. Live to the fullest by believing in your thoughts. Never think more than you need to because at the end of the day, everything becomes easier when you learn from your experiences and mistakes.

The Risk

In Self Help on June 16, 2012 at 5:28 pm

In my life, I have moments when I think to myself, ‘Do I actually take risks?’ I go to college and live a good life, in a stable home with my mum, but then I think about the times when I have taken ‘the’ risk. The risk to do something extraordinary or have the guts to take a leap of faith to challenge myself to do something I haven’t done before.

Considering all I do in my life is college, write and spend time with family, I am seriously questioning my ability to believe in myself and take a risk that doesn’t fit into my daily routine. Constantly as human beings we are battling our own thoughts and beliefs to seek what is right for us, and when the time comes for us to do something that can change ourselves completely. If we constantly do the same things everyday, surely we will get bored. If we aim to achieve something but only get to a certain point, then a wall surrounds us, where do we go? How do we keep moving to the unknown and new places that help us make sense of our identity.

I go to college 5 days a week, and have lessons at awkward times. When a time comes when I am free from lessons, I could either do something leisure related or study. I most of the time have to study. But if I am not studying, I am doing very repetitive things that don’t really move me forward to experience new things. I would be tweeting, writing, watching films or spending hours on Skype talking to my girlfriend. It becomes an unstructured routine in my life.

The challenge we have as human beings is finding new things to do, and having the confidence to try something that doesn’t fit into our ‘most comfortable’ routine. It is like a new form of laziness that isn’t the same as the typical lazy human being that doesn’t do anything in his or her life. It is the lazy, where we feel so comfortable that anything we do has to be something already done. I am a human being that loves to experience new things. I would go out and watch a film with friends or take a train journey to my girlfriend’s house which is in a place called no where (not literally) and do things that are planned (I love planning). When I have plans to do things that aren’t part of my routine in life, I feel good. I just can’t get myself to do things that aren’t planned, unexpected or extraordinarily risky. The risk is the feeling that I don’t know what will come, so I cannot prepare for failure.

The problem is that when we plan so much and never take the risk, the excitement in any experience weakens, as well as the satisfaction in the result. We love good results. We are humans, so we love the peak in human performance. It be an amazing musical piece an artist makes or the ability to run a couple kilometres and beat your record time. When we feel satisfied with what we have done before, we always ask ourselves about the possible result of a different outcome if we took the risk to not know what will come. Those that are scared of risks, feel good, satisfied (sometimes a lie) and unsatisfied (never admit, but complain) with where they are. Those that take risks, always love the thrill of learning or experiencing something that can either move them forward or move them back, because they can never stay static.

If we all learned how to move away from our typical routine of 9-5 working days and more into the unexpected living, we would learn something completely different about ourselves. If we planned less and hoped for the best, while preparing for the worse, we can only learn and grow. We may often feel disappointment and despair when we don’t get the result or the leap of faith we took was a leap to far.

Dr Cornel West, my favourite Philosopher once said….

He who has never despaired, has never lived.  But you cannot let despair have the last word.

What that has taught me in my confusing teenage life is that we will feel beat down and heartbroken when we don’t get the desired results, but that means that we should always get back up. It doesn’t matter about our circumstances or fear. Our risk taken, if we take it, can only teach us, but never break us, only if we allow it to.

We face challenges but we should just keep moving forward because life is about living. Our lives are too short for being petrified. If we don’t move forward, how can we ever assure ourselves that we have actually lived? Take the risk. Enjoy the risk, but most of all learn from it.

Insignificant Steps

In Self Help on June 2, 2012 at 1:08 pm

The only route to anything that brings success is hard work.

The problem we have in modern culture, with the development of technology and the easy access of information, is that we are afraid of hard work. We are afraid of doing hard work that seems insignificant. We put ourselves through absolute shit, everyday to get to the point where we feel successful and satisfied.

I constantly feel like quitting something really difficult that doesn’t seem straight forward. I feel like quitting something I am not aware of in my life or have previous experiences from. For example, I had an experience of a full year of Advanced Level Sociology and I didn’t enjoy it. I found it difficult, regardless of my love of understanding society. I just didn’t like the educational approach to the subject. The sad point is that when I was faced with the challenge, I felt like giving up because of the lack of enjoyment. I should have kept going, doing my best, but sadly sold myself short by quitting at the end of the year, but still went into the exam constantly looking around for aimless support. Regardless of the academic lesson attached to the subject, there is always something to learn that goes deeper than just the textbook.

The feeling of success and satisfaction doesn’t have to come from one source, like wealth, but could come from your relationships with your family and friends. It can also come from helping an individual that is in need of guidance and support. It could also come from just inspiring an individual that lacks the motivation to keep moving forward in his or her life.

The most significant thing about insignificant steps is the point that if you embrace every step you take towards your success and overall satisfaction of your life, you will love every step regardless of the challenges you face. Why? Because you know the insignificant steps is going to teach you something about your overall objective.

If you are on the verge of quitting something that is hard, you should continue regardless. Like I always say, the success you feel at the end makes the hard work worth it. The greatness you feel at the end is more powerful than you can ever imagine. It is like wanting to eat fish and chips. The hardest part is going to shop and purchasing it, and then coming home. The satisfaction comes when you eat it.


In Self Help on May 16, 2012 at 7:44 pm

People have this belief system that they have to do the things they hate to satisfy themselves. They believe that they have to put themselves through hell, guilt and misery to satisfy others. I believe we have the power and intelligence to do what we want, and we don’t have to do things the conventional way always. We should learn to work in the way that works with us, not against us.

If you understand how to work through your challenges and do what you want, according to what you believe will make you succeed, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. If you want to be a basketball player, but your parents are telling you to become a lawyer, you should always do what you believe is right as long as you understand the challenges you will face when achieving your goal and know what you will do if what you planned to do, fucks up.

You should always enjoy what you do because you only live once. Never regret what you are doing, and never feel you have to do something to satisfy someone else. If you live for yourself, believe in yourself and feel bliss, then your life shall be what you desire.




In Self Help on May 1, 2012 at 4:43 pm

You gotta want it so bad, that you are willing to lose sleep.

SUCCESS. The word you have heard everyone say in their life. The word they associate themselves with or hope to associate themselves with one day. The word is truly crazy. As well as being crazy, it is also very powerful. The lover of this word who is truly affectionate is the word that everyone hates. The words that drives me people mental. The word that demotivates most indivduals. The word that stops many people from doing what they want to achieve.  The word that makes very few people inspired to do great things. HARD WORK. 

Success is when you have achieved your objective in life. It could be becoming a writer. It could be an NBA basketball player, or doctor, or lawyer or anything that you are really interested in. Your success comes when you feel satisfied that you have done what you planned out to do in your life and you feel satisfied with the result.

Hard work is the time and effort you put into what you want to achieve. It is when you are investing in your future. This is the part when you feel uncomfortable and feel like quitting. This is the time when you have to give what you want to achieve your all. You have dedicate yourself and put in the hours to accomplish your objective. Without hard work you cannot be successful and you cannot become what your greatest person.

When you want to be successful, there will be times when you want to give up and say I am done. You will be tired, you will be stressed out and you will want to do something that makes you comfortable. Someone wise once said ‘You gotta be comfortable in your uncomfortable position.’ If you learn how to feel comfortable in your uncomfortable circumstances, you will feel good in whatever position you are in.

When you associate yourself with people that put you down and tell you can’t do something, you are likely not to achieve greatness. Constantly my friends put me down when I say I want to achieve a specific goal. They will say ‘Derrick get real, you won’t be rich, you won’t get that job because I didn’t get it, you gotta be REALISTIC, aim to be or do something more achievable.’ I get that day in, day out and you know what, that motivates me everyday to prove them wrong. The only reason someone de-motivates you and tells you that you can’t do something, is because they can’t do it themselves.

Being realistic is completely different to being successful in this world. The people that want to be successful, break down barriers and accomplish the goals they set out to do, and will not fall short till they get to the point where they have accomplished what they want to achieve. Being realistic is selling yourself short and not doing what you want to do.

Example: A boy wants to become a banker, but then someone says to him ‘get real, you aren’t good at mathematics.’ If he pushes through that barrier of what is real and what isn’t and is determined to be successful, he will achieve greatness and feel satisfied. As long as he is PASSIONATE.

Successful people never need to be told where to go, because they are fully aware of where they are going. They know the steps to take and they know how to get there. They will take every step with diligence and perfection. They will correct their mistakes, re-do the little steps till it is the best step it can be, almost or certainly PERFECT.

All successful people know that it takes hard work. Hard work beats talents if the other person doesn’t work hard at his talent. It is not genetics. You don’t achieve because of your genetics, you achieve because of the hours you put into perfecting your craft. So never say, this guy or that girl is genetically made up to achieve better than you. PROVE them wrong because if you give in, you have failed already.

Michael Jordan wasn’t picked for his high school basketball team, so that should already tell you that hard work pays of at the end. Sacrifice the time you have now to invest in your craft so that later on you will reap the reward you wished for. That may mean no sleep, no television, no cell phone or computer, till you achieve your greatness.

If you treat your aims towards success like a breath, you will be successful. How much you want to breath to stay alive, is how you should treat your goals. Treat it like you cannot live without it. Like it is your life support that keeps you alive day in, day out. The more life  support you give your goal, the more likely you will be successful. You eventually will achieve your goal and feel GREAT.


Stressful Times Don’t Have To Be Stressful

In Self Help on April 24, 2012 at 11:49 pm

You are living, that is what truly matters.

The fact that you are livning and breathing is more important than anything else. You should never stress yourself out about work or your life. You should always live in the moment and live each day like it is your last. Never become negative about your life or where you are, even if your life is rather challenging or confusing. Always remember that, because you are living, you are okay and that definitely means, you can continue living and keep moving forward.

Your situation is temporary, not permanent.

Never feel your situation is permanent or never ending. You can control your life, and you make it what you want. You have the ability to do whatever you like, or whatever you desire to do or achieve. It is up to you to work for it, and depending on how much you want it, you will not sleep till you taste, feel, and breath success.

Stress can kill you. Believe me.

If you stress yourself out about your dissatisfaction of your life, or your inability to accomplish something, you will not succeed, move forward or sustain a healthy lifestyle.  When you stress out, you focus on one thing, and forget the other priorities in your life. You lose the most important things in your life, and that can leave you blind (figuratively speaking). If you feel constantly stressed, you can lose your ability to function as a human.

Not saying be lazy.

I am not saying casually  allow life to take control of you. Take control of your life and work very hard. Hope for the best, prepare for the worse. Don’t work stressfully hard, but strategically smart and you will forever be successful. The hard work will naturally come after that. Get what you need to get done finished, but if you cannot do it at the pace you think is acceptable, just accept that your body says no. By stopping, you are realising that your health is more important than your desired objective. Continue when you feel like you can give your objective, your full attention.

Have fun.

Whatever you do, try and stay positive. Try and find something interesting about what you are doing, however small the interest is, and use that as your driving force to get something done. If you are able to do that with everything, you will forever survive and conquer any challenge.

Chill out.

Always find time to chill out. Even if you are really busy in your life and what you are doing requires persistency and dedication, still relax. If you don’t, you will go into overdrive. And yes, that can have an effect on your health. Love yourself, so that simply means take care of your body.