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In Self Help on November 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm

I was watching Charlie Rose today on Bloomberg. One of my favourite channels on TV. I don’t ever watch Charlie Rose but I know he interviews successful and great people that are doing life changing things in their field of work, talents and passion. Today Charlie Rose was interviewing Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), David Strathairn (The Bourne Trilogy) and Jessica Chastain (The Help) on the play ‘ The Heiress,’ which is currently being shown on Broadway.

What I found interesting about this particular show is that they were talking about passion and the purpose of a person. Charlie Rose said something so clear about purpose and a person wanting to do something:

I want to become a writer. Instead, I have to write.

I think Charlie Rose couldn’t have said it better. You can’t say to yourself ‘I want to become a writer.’ I think you just have to do it. You have to have the feeling inside you that you have to write, or you have to do something. The feeling that when you do it, you will feel satisfied. You can’t say to yourself you want to become. You just got to instinctively feel within yourself, that it is your duty to do something life changing. It doesn’t have to be writing, it could be acting, it could be singing, it could to become an athlete. A part of you has a self created mission statement that makes very clear that you have to complete that mission. No ifs, no buts, just do!

My advice to anyone reading this. Don’t over think your desires in life. If you don’t know what to do, just relax and explore everything as much as you can. I remember Jessica Chastain saying on Charlie Rose that has her grandmother took her to see a production. She was really young at the time, and she saw a small girl her age on stage, and automatically knew it wasn’t what she wanted to do, but something she felt connected with and had to do. Something she felt deep within that made her think ‘I need to be on that stage, right there, in that position, portraying that character.’ And of course, Jessica Chastain is a brilliant actress. She stuck to her plan, stuck to her desire, stuck to her purpose and flourished. Just like prominent actor David Strathairn.

Nothing stopped these people in their path, because they knew they were working towards a great and satisfying result. I keep thinking, how come I can’t read a book fast and complete it in a week. I just don’t apply my passion. Jessica Chastain on the other hand, finished reading the script of ‘The Heiress’ on a plane journey. Yes it is her job, but it is a job she loves to wakes up every morning thinking ‘This makes me happy and complete.’ I guarantee that is how she feels. I don’t have to reference that statement.

Love what you do always. Look deep within yourself to find purpose, and simply love every moment you live.



In Hip Hop, Media on May 19, 2012 at 3:02 am

Being a person who isn’t religious when it comes to concerts, I am one of those people that is very curious about what he pays to see live. I booked my tickets to see Jay-Z and Kanye West months back and with my mums interrogation happening to this day, on why I spent £140 on two tickets to see two amazing artists, I actually feel satisfied that I kept my mouth shut for so long after my purchase.

Me and my friend Tatiana arranged to go and see this concert a week before tickets were set for release. My mum was happy and so was I, until I told her the price after I bought the ticket hours later. The day came and I had a typical, boring day at college. My attention span was bad, but I didn’t feel hyped about the concert till I actually entered the arena. Standing in line for an hour and a half, well over the time the doors were supposed to open at 18:45, I felt restless, hot, and weak with my buddy. Lucky we were able to purchase beverages (£3 bottle of Sprite, £2 bottle of water, rip off) before we got our standing spots, 8 rows from the front.

Having to wait a long time for two incredible artists is a pain in the backside on the opening night of the most anticipated European tour. You get frustrated when Jay-Z and Kanye say they will start at 20:30 but actually start at 21:00. You become irritated and fragile among the people squeezed next to you. I had the urgent feeling to go toilet but I didn’t want to lose my space, but intelligently Tatiana, went once we got to North Greenwich and when we entered the arena.

When the lights fade in the arena and people start crowding together, and the lights dim, while people are getting hot, you know something is going down. Kanye West and Jay-Z tear the whole place apart. Collaborating on hit singles, and epic albums apart from not only Watch The Thone, the two artists do have something special about them. My favourite song ‘On To The Next One’ by Hova, just makes me go crazy among people who are expecting Niggas In Paris or something from the Watch The Throne album. Then ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ just makes me go cray. Yes CRAY. The set list for the whole night was a masterpiece. It went from old school hits all the way to new school. Everyone knows I stalk both rappers like I am personally married to them so I knew a lot of the lyrics.

The best part of the night at a Hova and Ye Watch The Throne concert is when ‘Niggas In Paris’ takes over the whole arena at the end of the night. The people go ballistic. Everyone is out of control, and when they finish, the whole arena wants a replay, so Hova and Ye have to come back. I lost my voice in the crowd. I felt really wild and crazy since I was literally a metre from them and survived from dehydration and going H.A.M.

Would I recommend going to a Watch The Throne concert. I actually would recommend it every single time. Just watch out for the girl on girl fights in the seating area, the after concert depression and the wet floors while trying to leave the premises. I had the time of my life.  Hip Hop in earphones after the concert doesn’t compare. Mellow King of Hearts by Lloyd on the way back is recommended. Or classical.

Pinnacle Point of Protest

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2011 at 10:34 pm

In all my years, I have never taken anything as black and white. When stock markets crash, murders erupt and youth take charge in London, I never become surprised. The world works in a system where people become sickened by the government decisions and views that they have. Also the government say we have freedom of speech but in actual fact we are run by a sly dictatorship where we are controlled by everything. We are controlled by what we like and what we don’t like. The things we eat to the things that your not supposed to. How we are supposed to look and not look? When education should finish and when it should begin? Life is controlled and personally I don’t find that acceptable.

We have riots at the moment in London. We say the reason is the murder of Mark Duggan but in actual fact it is because people are fed up with England. The murder was the pathway for young people to have a legitimate reason to commit acts of violence. Look at the how the Conservative Government went into power and instantly placed spending cuts to solve our deficit. Our deficit is over 4 trillion pounds. Now, how we deal with it is up to us but it doesn’t mean that the rich, arrogant, and selfish conservative government should reduce the spending of the individual and businesses to get out of debt. People have to find money to live and eat. If you reduce spending so much, how do you find the money to do so. It was not planned logically at all. Now on topic, if jobs are gone due to no money and people are desperate for a decent living, a protest is obviously going to be a solution. Now young people aren’t as stupid as you think. They have thoughts and feelings. Using the term ‘criminality’ to explain the young peoples actions is just wrong. What you should call it is ” ignorance of conservatives, frustrating the young people with their stupidity to make young people result in violence as way for them to be heard by the wider nation.”

Now that is not it, young people from homes that cannot afford to do things during the summers and no opportunity of going on holiday or find opportunities to explore their creativity have nothing at all to sustain them for long weeks till September. So what can young people or people out of education do to consume time. They are bored and have no way of eradicating it unless the government start funding organisations to provide opportunities for young people to be listened to through art, music, dance, sports and any other learning opportunities available.

Another reason why young people are protesting, which isn’t being televised or talked about is the amount they have to pay for higher education. It is ridiculous the amount of money students have to pay to go to university. So looking at the young people that cannot afford higher education, they have no where to go and no aim in life which means rioting and causing havoc is the only way forward in ”their” society. It is another way to get their voices heard.

You may call me a conspiracy theorist but life isn’t black and white. People aren’t only triggered by Mark Duggan, they aren’t just bored for no reason, they don’t just wake up thinking lets riot today. Once we get to the source of the issue, then we find solutions. As I said, young people are intelligent, regardless if they go to higher education or not, they have more street knowledge than people that come out of Cambridge or Harvard or Oxford. A lot of young people find ways to live and survive with little education by abiding by the system. Not everyone rebels against the system set by the government.

People don’t just wake up and start to hate. It takes something strong to create hate. London is a metropolitan city which is one of the top cities of the world. A city which is hosting the 2012 Olympics next year.

The world is gradually becoming aware of corruption or are we oblivious to the fact that life isn’t just a walk in the park and that problems actually exist among us.

I was working today and looking outside the office, I noticed young people in balaclavas ready to start trouble. I definitely agree that some people are causing trouble but some want to speak out on what they actually feel and how they are taking the problems that are arising and feel passionate about. Many shops where I live closed and floods of people filled the only food shops open, hoping to get food and get home safely.

What do you do?

You create opportunities for young people.

You stop the conservative government from being so selfish with money due to the governments mistakes of spending to much and getting into the mess.

You fund for youth organisations to provide opportunities for young people because they grow up to run the world, not the old (conservatives) that are dying quickly. Money should never be taken away from opportunities to help young people develop.

The government should stop acting like the top people in charge and start to look at people as equal to them.

That is all I have to say to be absolutely honest. This is just my own 16 year old, sharp minded prospective. All I can do is just be honest.