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Every time you take someones criticism personally, you will fail.

Every time you accomplish someone else’s dream, you will fail.

Every time you indulge in someone else’s stupidity, you shall fail.

Every time you think of changing your dream, you will automatically lose your chance to be happy and therefore you will fail.

Every time you over think about your chances of your dream becoming true, you actually don’t really want it and as a consequence, you will fail.

Every time you ever doubt yourself, you will fuck up and fail.

I hate when people tell me they can’t accomplish something because of the chances. I hate that excuse above everything. To be honest, I don’t care about anyone’s criticism. A persons criticism is an insecurity within themselves.  Just live how you wish to be by working hard from now.

I have three dreams in life so far, only being 17 right now.

  • Travel Writer: Someone who travels the world and writes books, magazines, and online articles on the topic of culture, relationships and how the motive of sharing and receiving love makes us interconnected in the most beautiful way.
  • Take care of my family
  • Have a beautiful wife, who has and lives the same dream as me through our love and commitment.

If I accomplish those, I am seriously a happy person.

Why can’t you be happy doing what you want in your life?




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You know when you do something to please someone?

You know when you do something to make someone like you?

You know when you lose your own sense of identity because you adapted to the personality that fits another person you are trying to impress?

We all know that feeling. The feeling like our own self worth is less than the other person. The feeling of lack of satisfaction, because we lack entertainment in our own lives. It is truly present in today’s society, especially with the rise in advanced technological communications. We all want to please people, because we want to get along with them, and hopefully build a strong friendship with them.

The important question is this: When does our pleasing people personality become detrimental to our own personal developing personality?

I think personally, as long as you don’t go beyond your values and beliefs, and you are aware of what pleasing you are doing, then I think it is perfectly okay. As long as you don’t lose your standpoint, your grounded identity, I guess you can adapt to someone else’s way of life. We all have to do it, because we have to compromise in a life, where everyone has difference. It makes the world a tad more entertaining. Thank God for DNA.

Never do something to please someone unless you truly mean it. Only please someone when you know the outcome is going to make you a stronger, more intelligent, more aware individual. So don’t like Bridget Jones, because the girl you are attracted to likes Bridget Jones. Continue to like Avatar or Spiderman and hope that she accepts you for who you are, and vice versa.


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I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I’m an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after. – Cat Stevens

I never understood that. I know the world has a lot of awful people. We have terrorists, we have rapists, murderers, pedophiles and crazies. One thing, I never understood is why good people are hard to find. I mean, if everyone is trying to be the best they can be, how come it is hard to find a person that matches your character.

Life throws challenges at us everyday. Challenges that make us think hard. Challenges that make us temporarily fall. Challenges that stretch us way past our comfort zone. The people that stick by you when you go through challenges, and notice and endure your absolute low, and absolute high, are the people that are good and worthwhile people to invest in the long run.

The thing is, everyone’s interpretation of good is different, so I guess it is up to us as human beings to really look deep in ourselves and ask ourselves these two questions:

1. What is a good person to us?

2. Are we willing to be patient, learn from ourselves and learn from others, while being open, so we can increase the chance of meeting a good person that fits our character.

Good people are rare because what one person may think is a good person, another person might think of as a devil. For me, I have met good people, and I have also met bad people. I just want to keep investing in those rare people, while hoping for the best with everyone else I meet in my lifetime.

The Power Of Conversation

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Growing up, I have realised that how we communicate with each other is so powerful in the sense that we all have different ways of holding conversations with people. We all speak different languages, with different dialects and talk to people in such a way that relates to our emotions, feelings, and opinions.

Conversation is not a skill we are born with or inhabit, but something we learn over long periods of time. To learn how to hold a conversation takes years of practice. You have to learn how hold a subject of discussion, how to respond to expected and unexpected comments, statements and opinions and how to conduct yourself as a professional individual. Of course not every conversation you have in life, expects you to be professional but you have to professional in the sense that you deliver in the way you wanted to even though your subject may be lets say…..comic.

My opinions on conversation are that every individual should have an idea about what they want to talk about before they speak. Every individual should understand both sides of a conversation, since every story has two sides. The power of your conversation, comes from your conviction in your voice, which is rooted in your understanding of your topic and a formal stand point. And finally, any good conversation needs an end or time out where time is given to reflect on how powerful or life changing, a conversation has been.

Every conversation is powerful. Every conversation should be credited. And since we all live in a world full of knowledge, there has to be something extraordinary that has come from one great conversation.


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The power of silence is extraordinary. Extraordinary always keeps us going.

We live in a world where we have to speak to be heard, shout to be heard over those that speak, feel courage to say what we feel, stick by what we say and never change our character when we stand for something. What if silence was the way forward to an extraordinary, positively filled life of prosperity.

What would life be like if we were just silent for a change. If we just kept silent and watched life happen. If we just listened to people and listened to what every individual we came in contact with said. I believe we would learn so much about ourselves and what we truly value and believe in. Progression as individuals is always best when we speak less, listen and absorb.

I have realised that when we are silent, and ask well thought out and valuable questions, we begin to gain respect from those that are afraid to ask questions. In addition, people admire those that have the courage to ask what they don’t know in confidence. Furthermore, when we are silent, we seem to understand a lot more, because we do not beg to speak or to be heard at every given second we have opportunity to chat absolute useless crap. I am not saying be silent always and preserve what you want to say, but instead think before you speak and speak exactly what you mean, as long as you understand what you are about to say, and people are going to understand your thinking out loud thoughts.


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Last Saturday I was sitting and working on my laptop when someone got retweeted onto my timeline on twitter. I did what I do when I’m bored: I went to see what they were about. Little did I know I’d be hanging round Westfield with them 71 hours later.

The person is Derrick and, even though I’ve only known him a short while, I have no hesitation in saying he’s amazing (he’ll probably tease me about that now). When I checked out his twitter I clicked on the link to his blog. The thing with Derrick is he’s a very motivational person, so after enjoying what I read I tweeted him to give feedback. As per usual when you tweet someone they tweet back and we got talking while I ‘stalked’ his blog.

Anyway, long story short we started skyping on Sunday and at about 12am Monday night/Tuesday morning we arranged to meet the next day in Westfield as he finished college early.

The day consisted of:

  • Apple store photos
    » Until Derrick got told off for having his hood up… did someone say gangsta?
  • Derrick being told off
  • Derrick embarrassing me by knocking things over
  • People watching in Burger King
    » This is Derrick’s speciality will sit there eating a burger and analyse EVERYTHING someone is doing. There was this girl in the corner and he just picked up the fact that she was fidgeting, checking her phone and playing with her hair to mean she had guy trouble. Being a girl I agree with this verdict, it’s mad how observant he is though. He can tell me things about me I’ve never said, analyse tweets and know exactly what I’m referring to and why and everything. It’s pretty freaky, but I guess that’s what makes him interesting.
  • Seeing Derrick’s classmates
    » If a situation could spell awkward then that’d definitely be it!
  • Circle dancing (dancing in circles round each other while still walking forward)
  • Building in the Lego shop
  • Derrick trying to sell me boxers

“They’re clean and fresh and will keep you dry all day long”

I’ve met a few people on twitter and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes you don’t talk anywhere near as much as you do online and it’s just awkward. With Derrick though, it wasn’t like that. He said himself that we ‘click’ but I put it down to the fact that Aquarii get along well.

Fuck what they say about meeting people off the internet, I’m 17 and life’s about taking risks (that’s why we got on the escalator backwards… well Derrick did and I attempted to…) I had a great time and would definitely do it again!

Made this for @thelookoutdiary (Taken with instagram)


I was casually tweeting to @AyyOnline when he retweeted me. Strangely, he retweeted me for the first time EVER. Even more strangely after more than 25 retweets, this strange and promiscuous individual by the name of Aysh pops up in my @mentions box. She is a fellow blogger who is into music business and unexpectedly fell for me when she saw my Twitter AVI. We began to talk on Twitter and instantly got along really well. She is really intelligent, something I knew well before she did, and later surprised her when I was able to read her mind in the most non-stalkerish and disturbing way.

After a while, she got bored of just having me on Twitter so I offered to add her to my Skype contact list. We began to talk about life and people’s personal motivation to success and that made her day.  I didn’t have to try to impress her after that.

WordPress > Twitter > Skype > BBM > (her favourite) My number

A couple days later, like 71 hours, she ends up telling me her confessions. Okay, maybe not, but she said she was in the area (Shepherds Bush, London) and I was willing to meet her. Aysh wearing the most retarded Supras ever, we went to Burger King, my favourite hotspot and began to watch people. We sat in silence watching people like teenage operatives and then gave up when our mission compromised by my inability to walk in straight lines. Never staying in one place for a long period of time, we were constantly on the move, hiding from the security guard in the Apple store, who was offended by my bright blue hood.

Ending up running out of the store, we just walked in circles, instead of straight lines to cover our tracks. We wanted to play the game ‘Shout Out PORN’ but I started so quietly that she couldn’t keep up. The game ended but the laughter carried on. Even when we brushed passed La Senza.

The day was really chilled and relaxed. Till this day we still have awkward moments when Aysh gets confused often about her slow grasp of knowledge, but we definitely get along, and definitely will go out again. The beauty of meeting good people online, is knowing who is a good person in the very few minutes of communicating with them. Even when both of you have never met but are socially awkward and retarded!


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As well as suffering from procrastination, I also suffer from a common disease called ‘too much motivation.’ The effects of this disease is an addictive feeling to rebel and push your boundaries. Never doing the little things in life that design your path of success and ground your motivation, determination and perseverance. The cause of this ‘too much motivation’ disease in being inspired by many notable people who change the world completely and the constant feeling of wanting to be like them (Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg and many others).

And that is it really. I constantly feel motivated and inspired and that affects my performance as an individual.


1) I feel like rebelling against the education system and persuing my dream, while educating myself.

2) The feeling to travel and see the culture that exists beyond the textbook.

3) Wanting to talk to people at all times. Including school.

4) Trying to inspire people who don’t want to be inspired or motivated.

5) Chasing my dreams by myself because I am the only one who can fully picture my dream effectively.

6) Questioning everything. Literally everything.

7) Never being easily led by others.

8) Seeing things other people don’t see.

9) Finding an alternative to normal things, everyday people do.

10) GOING CRAZY ONCE IN A WHILE (exertion of love of greatness)


CURE: It is like asking for a cure for cancer. I don’t know. Do you?


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SOUTHBANK has always been my favourite culture spot in London.

Cycle Lady seems to be on a mission.

I think his socks want a kiss.

The people behind only saw his belly for a split second. And so did my side. He loved it. DEFINTELY.

Talent from the street is always surprising.

He seriously didn’t need a drum kit.

This dude reminds me of an actor.

Just before I left Embankment.

They really wanted attention when they saw the camera.

Finally back home.

Some of the photo’s were taken by Sarah Ogole, my lovely aunt who inspired me to go out with her on her little adventure. Carlo, my younger cousin, also joined us on our day out and gave us the laughter that kept the day alive.

An Addict To Greatness

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I can sincerely say I am an addict to greatness. I want to achieve greatness. I want to seize greatness from those that don’t deserve it. I want to do good that helps others, and do the things that make me a great person. Sadly, what people don’t understand is that greatness lies deep within us and as human beings, we don’t seem to appreciate or accept the fact that we are great. We often feel dissatisfied because other people are seen to be greater and have done greater things that makes our personal greatness not reach the satisfied mark. Oh yeah, you don’t even feel great, so you don’t have a satisfied mark. And it’s not personal, because you keep comparing yourself to others.

Our potential greatness has to be felt deep within and appreciated, because if we don’t appreciate our greatness, work at our talents or even realise we have greatness, we will forever fall short. And greatness comes from the smallest things in life. It doesn’t have to be on television or how rich and famous you are. If you feel great, then nothing will stop you.

People who don’t care about other peoples greatness, simply nurture their own greatness, disregard negative criticism and are usually seen to be cool, and have that appealing ‘INNER SWAG.’