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It’s A New Day

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You know everyday you wake up you have about 16 hours or more depending on your sleeping routine to live it to the max. Being lazy and not doing anything gets you nowhere especially living in this society. In a day you could do so much. You could go shopping, read a novel, buy a coffee, buy a television, even drive from London to Scotland. This post is about not being lazy and occupying your day fully so you know that it was well spent.

Everyday, when I wake up, I have to start by writing something. It could be on my blog or by hand. That is just me. I love to write and express myself through literature. My preference is poetry but if a topic I am passionate about comes to mind then my blog is the place to lay down my thoughts. I could as a teen spend my day watching television. I really like Criminal Minds and Lie To Me but I personally find my writing more satisfying. It has become a passion for me to write and share my 16 year old, detailed and constructive thoughts on the internet. That is what makes me tick.

I always say this to my friends ”If you want to do something with me, we have to plan.” I hate people that don’t plan and if we do, I like it when people stick to plans. That is something I have learned from my mother. I think it was somehow naturally inherited. Or maybe I am lying, it took me a bit of time to understand time management and how to be professional in my daily life and in a work environment.

In this post, all I want you to think about is how you could live your life to the maximum and be creative in yourself. What logical steps can you take to be a greater person who makes a difference in life. And how will you make the difference.

Question: What are you going to do everyday to be a better person?



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What is the pursuit of perfection?

The pursuit of perfection in my own eyes is finding what one is really good at and achieving it with his or her maximum potential. I am blogging now so what I want is to write the best blog from the view of a black boy, aged 16 who has a deep interest in life and it’s actual meaning. One of the hardest things I face everyday is writing because I am always trying to think of topics that can actually want people to say ‘I need to read this.’ I hate when I do things and nothing comes out of it, yet I feel like it was going to be massive and grab the eyes of millions.

The pursuit of perfect in my own eyes is understanding that whatever you do, you have to have conviction, commitment, understanding and drive. For example, you want to learn how to drive. You have to have the courage to sit in a car, the commitment to learn, the time to understand the fundamentals of using a vehicle to it’s fullest extent and most of all INTEREST.

The pursuit of perfection in my eyes is slowly gathering lifes opportunities and putting it into a basket (imaginary) and reflecting upon it’s contents. From there you pick opportunites carefully that rock your boat gently and take you on unforgettable journeys. Once on a journey you exhibit unique beauty that only the eye can see.

Lastly the pursuit of perfection is using time wisely to understand yourself greater and look beyond the surface of the colour of your skin but as deep as your character. That all links together to understand the pursuit of perfection.

The pursuit of perfection is the deepest game beyond nature and somehow we control it with our minds. It can either control you or break you into pieces beyond repair.


Question: What is your personal pursuit of perfect at this time?