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Why change? Why fit her character? Why misrepresent and relinquish the power of your own name to fit her standard?

Those are the question I ask myself everyday. Life is too precious to suck into another human beings character. Life is too precious to change your character to fit another persons character. Life is too powerful to be a fool who adopts a false character that clearly misrepresents his or her past and present.

I once in my life wanted to be a popular kid is school. I wanted to be the guy who everyone wants to go to for advice. I wanted to be the most confident guy. I wanted to be the guy who speaks and everyone listens to with attentive ears. I then realised and asked myself these question: Do I actually need that to look confident and powerful? Do I want it so I can be put on a pedestal? Or do I want it to be acknowledged by those I belittle or tag as inferior to me?

The beauty of life is ones ability to separate and be unique from the other individuals that surround him or her. Not unique because he or she wants to not do what others are doing. The reason an individual becomes a unique individual is because he or she does something for the benefit of themselves, not for the pleasure of others.

My college life is like this. I go to classes. I speak to girls I like. I hang out with people I admire because I relate to their values and beliefs in life, success, ambition and positivity. While that is happening, I am constantly battling this one demon. This one demon that seems to lurk up on a typical teenage boy going through a early social stage in his life. A strange demon that entices you towards the opposite sex that you love and hate at the same time. I can’t describe the demon, but it brings you to the ever so mysterious female.

Females have this thing that attracts men to them. Is it the rush of hormones that gets men excited when the opposite sex is in their vision. This uncontrollable force within that takes control over your body, actions, thoughts and feelings. The question is how do you control it?

The massive struggle in life for me, is understanding that my character is precious. The character I present to the world is precious. My personal character, that I present to every single individual, male or female has to be respectful and the same, regardless of the type of individual I am talking to. The struggle most guys like me go through at 17 years old, is understanding that some women will just not like your character. You cannot pretend to make a girl like you. You cannot put on a fake personality, because a girl can suck it out of you. You just have to be yourself, regardless of how beautiful or how interesting a girl may be.

I would be walking through college, and yes, there are a couple girls I notice all the time, purely because of attraction. A part of me says ‘Derrick, just be SWAG.’ A part of me says ‘Derrick, be yourself, not everyone will like you. Just be honest.’ I realise out of common sense, that logically, my own character that is truthful is the best character to present to girls. So of course that character should be exploited beautifully. But a part of me and in a lot of human beings is this solution, let’s change our character slightly to appeal to the opposite sex. And of course, if you change your character, it is just WRONG. A girl who notices the fake character you first presented her with, compared to your real character you later presented, is more damaging than a girl who can’t accept your true character. Why lie and reject your powerful character? Everyone has a personality, so of course people will have different opinions and judgments about you and how you look, how you speak, how you carry yourself.

If you are able to be yourself always, and be honest about your feelings, you will notice the real people that truly appreciate your character. I am done trying to play the game of how to get a girl and taking advice from friends that have their own method. I am done trying to guess a girls personality so I can adapt to hers in the most unnatural way. I am about being me, and making friends with those that are naturally real in themselves, and being.



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I had my first day at work. My workplace being my grandparents house. Yeah seriously! My job is working for my aunt and helping her with social networking on the web to improve her fashion label. I really enjoyed it because that is my first client of my business which I randomly came across this morning. The reason it is crazy and weird and random is because I didn’t expect it to be my own business, I just expected it to be me working for someone to improve their social status. So I thought to myself, let me get clients and help them with social networking on the web. I have work coming soon which I hope could help with me being popular on the web as well helping people within their own business.

I really like business as I have constantly said many times and I have become interested not only in business but in property investment. I know there is money to be earned with houses and I am aiming to get as many houses as possible to reach a £10 million income mark. That is a dream but a dream that can be achieved with the help of some family members that are related to that field of work. I choose houses as an investment above shares and other money making schemes because it is simpler in terms of understanding the fundamentals and who wouldn’t want to earn money off a house and land.

Over the past few days really experienced many things. I have experienced how to work with others, how to make decisions upon the progression of my own self. I have even learned a lot about Derrick (me). I live each day just experiencing what comes and trying my best to get the most out of each day. As a teen, I always question if I am working way to hard, or if I am working on things past my age but I just enjoy what I do everyday, that’s all I can say really.

One more thing, I came across this site that has brilliant fashion photo’s. I found it after my first day of work. It makes you think your fashion style is practically simple and useless. I think 80% of me being on the site was because of the women. The other percentage was the clothing, lets be honest. Now that site defines ‘swag.’ Check out the website Look Book.

Question: What is your favourite fashion label?


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We meet people all the time. We meet people online, on the street, at shops and even on the train. When meeting people you build a friendship and sometimes you don’t. The best friendships are the friendships that can work without a lot of effort. The friendships that work are the ones that another persons flaws can be laughed about rather than hinder the relationship.

I believe that in order for a friendship to grow and become invincible in the world known as earth, you need to be reliable, understanding, willing to take risks and also willing to accept the flaws that exist in one person. I have a weird character that a lot of people will dispise and some will gladly accept as being ‘DERRICK.’ I believe that everyone should be themselves always when making friends because that keeps things real and allows friendships to last. A person that is not true to themselves can be sussed and once they are then what and who are they.

I really wanted to write this because everyday, I meet people that I don’t know. Some of the people I meet, I would love to be their friends in the long run and some I wouldn’t to be perfectly honest. I really want people to understand that a friendship is like a rollercoaster. The best time is travelling high up and seeing the sky and wishing for what awaits. The bad part is when the roller coaster tips and travels downwards and swerves. That is the challenging part when arguments happen, not understanding one person for the other and sometimes ignoring the other person for a reason. Also for reasons the other person cannot comprehend. To keep soaring high, you need to commit yourself and hold on tight like when the belt of a roller coaster fastens and takes control.

A friend should be forever but sometimes he or she shall fade unexpectedly. They say you can count your friends on one hand, that is absolutely true. The ones that support you and care for you are the ones that will stick by you whatever situation you are in, especially in so-called-life.

Question: What do you expect in a friend?


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What is the pursuit of perfection?

The pursuit of perfection in my own eyes is finding what one is really good at and achieving it with his or her maximum potential. I am blogging now so what I want is to write the best blog from the view of a black boy, aged 16 who has a deep interest in life and it’s actual meaning. One of the hardest things I face everyday is writing because I am always trying to think of topics that can actually want people to say ‘I need to read this.’ I hate when I do things and nothing comes out of it, yet I feel like it was going to be massive and grab the eyes of millions.

The pursuit of perfect in my own eyes is understanding that whatever you do, you have to have conviction, commitment, understanding and drive. For example, you want to learn how to drive. You have to have the courage to sit in a car, the commitment to learn, the time to understand the fundamentals of using a vehicle to it’s fullest extent and most of all INTEREST.

The pursuit of perfection in my eyes is slowly gathering lifes opportunities and putting it into a basket (imaginary) and reflecting upon it’s contents. From there you pick opportunites carefully that rock your boat gently and take you on unforgettable journeys. Once on a journey you exhibit unique beauty that only the eye can see.

Lastly the pursuit of perfection is using time wisely to understand yourself greater and look beyond the surface of the colour of your skin but as deep as your character. That all links together to understand the pursuit of perfection.

The pursuit of perfection is the deepest game beyond nature and somehow we control it with our minds. It can either control you or break you into pieces beyond repair.


Question: What is your personal pursuit of perfect at this time?