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In Photography, Self Expression on March 25, 2012 at 10:46 pm

SOUTHBANK has always been my favourite culture spot in London.

Cycle Lady seems to be on a mission.

I think his socks want a kiss.

The people behind only saw his belly for a split second. And so did my side. He loved it. DEFINTELY.

Talent from the street is always surprising.

He seriously didn’t need a drum kit.

This dude reminds me of an actor.

Just before I left Embankment.

They really wanted attention when they saw the camera.

Finally back home.

Some of the photo’s were taken by Sarah Ogole, my lovely aunt who inspired me to go out with her on her little adventure. Carlo, my younger cousin, also joined us on our day out and gave us the laughter that kept the day alive.

Everyday Lunch Break

In Photography on January 21, 2012 at 2:15 am

My lunch period in college isn’t the usual. Me and Elliot have the constant risk of getting run over on the main road, even when the green man is showing.

I finally had the courage to make movements across the road, knowing that the old ladies were making the first movements.

I never really take the time to actually witness the architecture that exists minutes from my college. I have to pick up my camera from my room, stick it into my bag and walk down the road to find time to stop and capture something wonderful.

The previous day, I wasn’t feeling so well so instead of buying McDonalds, or a lovely bagel, I went to Millies Cookies. By the time I ate two, I was like ‘that is seriously enough!’ I had to get back to college for my 2 hour Philosophy lesson.

I don’t like chocolate. Since the day I was born, me and chocolate haven’t gotten along really well. I absolutely hate the taste of it. I do like white chocolate though.

Costa has to wait because it is cold, and I only had half an hour for lunch, so I had to skip this destination.

Even though I had class soon, I had to fit in a few shots of my friend. The strange moment when your friend likes his picture taken and you comply because that is what friends do. They look out for each other.

Well, that is my lunch break. Everyday ends up being different because what we choose to eat seems to change quite a lot. When we make a decision well before the point of lunch break, we end up doing the complete opposite. Typical teenagers growing up. What do you expect?

Life Through The Lens

In Photography, Self Expression on November 8, 2011 at 11:37 pm

The secret and beauty of living life is just simply living it to the maximum. I love my life and wouldn’t change it for anything. So many things have happened that I would never substitute or take back. I am completely satisfied with the way everything has happened in my life so far, and hopefully it can continue the way it has been unfolding steadily. Hanging out with friends, and being in the moment and not worrying about anything else except taking life in, is simply beautiful.

TheLookoutDiary, with the help of his friends, exhibit life in the making.


What you see is life in the making. We don’t watch life happen, because everyday, whatever we are doing, we are living it fully!


In Photography on September 1, 2011 at 4:47 pm

I went down to Southbank and thought you can’t go down there and not take pictures.

Culture as it happens!


       Who dresses like that? 

This guy was on point. He constantly had a good expression that I couldn’t fathom.


Lets smoke with passion. Shall we?


Catch the weak at their own enjoyment.