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In Poetry, Self Help on November 23, 2012 at 4:32 pm

If you haven’t noticed, I have been writing more poetry posts than anything else on my blog. I usually post something related to a learning experience. A learning experience I would like to share with people with the hope of inspiring positive change, but I have been addicted to writing poetry recently. Poetry has become my guide, my love and my solution to problems I just can’t figure out by thinking in ‘normal’ ways. Normal isn’t even the word to describe it. I just feel poetry gives me a very clear picture and hope.

I feel poetry allows me to become very creative in my expression and make me happy when I feel down. I feel shy talking about embarrassing moments in my life and I feel lost in talking in complexity so my devout lover is my poetry. I can write a poem in 20 mins and then feel a change in my life in a couple hours after release.

I don’t write poetry to make money or to become famous. I don’t care if people like it or not. I care most about me expressing myself to myself, and uplifting myself for good. If I can have a pen, and a piece of paper or my Blackberry, I am forever lost in my lyrics and nothing can interrupt that secret, colourful zone that erupts with words that buzz, tingle, and transform me and others that read my work.

I have a national poetry slam final coming up in London, and I guess I need to prepare for it. And I guess poetry is the therapist I made love to…..


Morning Message

In Poetry on November 21, 2012 at 4:26 pm

My doodling in the library today.

As I wake,

I thank another day,

Erase my memory,

Reminisce on past,

Hope for the future,

She says morning,

I say I,

She says Miss,

And I say You,



She expresses her await for my waking call,

Waking message,

I tweet a favourite,

Touch a paper,

Read a statement,

Statement of love,

Passion and Pursuit.


Those hours of silence,

Broken by the fingers,

Mended by the imagination,

And uplifted by the vision,

I surely missed her message.


The love I called for,

The message I aspired to read,

The story I desired to listen to,



I wish she was upon me,

Pen signature,

Blueberry flow,

Black print perfection,

A lesson of care,

Never ending.


Technology has no boundary,

PC operates,

Memory adjusted,

Twitter application,


I waited for you to wake up,

Is the unconditional message.


In Poetry, Self Expression on November 20, 2012 at 10:29 pm

NB. This is R Rated Content!

I came home today after college and this girl I talk to from the states messaged me, and we started talking about romantic things because she is a hopeless romantic who is absolutely gorgeous and I am a hopeless romantic too, but I never show it. We were talking for a couple hours and we decided to write poetry together. She wrote half other poem and I wrote the other half.

NB. We aren’t romantically involved…………………………………yet. lol

What would I have to do?

Who would I have to be?

For you to come over and make sweet love to me?

Must I climb the highest cliff?

Or swim along the ocean floor?

Could you just make love to my body and soul?

Or would you demand more?

Could you take me as I am?

With all my issues and my flaws?

Pull me to your bare chest without a hesitation or a pause?

Wrap me in your passion,

Expose your every need,

Press your lips to mine and let every secret be freed,

Sprinkle your tears across my cheek,

Confess your every desire,

Moan my name!

Call me yours,

And set my soul on fire!

Need me more with every breath that slips into your chest.

Please me nightly,

Miss me daily,

And never compare me to the rest,


As my heart grows fonder by the distance,

So does my confession and desire,

As I climb higher,

I demand your secret touch,

Your scent,

Your curves that are so bent,

I rely on your sweet breath,

That I tantalizingly taste with my tongue,

The ever sensation that fills my heart,

Fills my heart with joy,

Make love to the sacred skin,

That is as precious as the finest cloth,

Finest texture,

That fits your perfect curves,

Your perfect shape,

Let me expose your greatness,

Let me dig deep to dominate your body,

Expose your soul,

Let it free,

Interlock our fingers in unison,

Hold tight for all the members,

And keep holding,

Never leave,

Make love,

Unseen penetration that unfolds in orgasmic symbolic threads,

Finally breathe hard,

Fall asleep.

By Hannah Lee and TheLookoutDiary


In Poetry on November 16, 2012 at 3:47 pm


I love how black women have this subtle style that I don’t seem to understand. It is beautifully secret within.

I love how black women don’t have to try to be cool, they just naturally are.

I love how black women have natural African hair, which looks naturally curly, naturally afro shaped, naturally black and soft.

I love how black women can cook really well and make food have so much flavour.

I love how black women are strong, and grounded in their beliefs, principles and morals.

I love have black women have the natural curves of a queen.

I love how black women act so queen like. Like they are the most important women in the world.

I love how black women can project their voice in speech, song, and laughter.

I love how black women can stick by their children through the best times of life and through the hardships.

I love the black woman’s commitment.




In Self Expression on October 24, 2012 at 8:15 pm

I woke up this morning 6:00am on the dot. Jumped into the bath, ate breakfast by 7 and left my house by 7:10am. I was heading to the Passport Office in Victoria. I am going away to Tenerife for five days during half term break. I left my house prepared and ready for action. I get to the train station and the trains are running late. I was going to meet my mum’s friend at Tower Hill station so I can get counter signatures done for my passport application. The train being late, gets me to Tower Hill not at 8:15am when I was expected to be there, but 8:30, half an hour till my passport appointment. I am rushing at this point, but I stay calm. I remember that I am missing an English lesson at college at the same time, only because I am getting a new passport on the same day. I hate missing lessons!

I get to the passport office, after getting lost in Victoria. I then got a free taxi ride, for 30 seconds. I couldn’t even position myself on my Blackberry Google Maps. At the passport office they search me and when I walk through the metal detectors, the guy searching me closely starts  making jokes with me about having metal on me. I point to my belt. I jump through the long queue for processing, and I realise when I am getting my passport application sorted, my photo ID’s are lost. I have to run to Victoria Station, get cash out, and take fresh pictures in the station. I take my pictures to the people at the passport office and they say my head is too shiny. I go, wipe my head hard, and take new pictures in the passport office. Now, I am really frustrated because of the long process and me thinking I would get to college at 9:45 for my English lesson. Let’s just say, it was still 9:30 and I am in Victoria, making jokes with the assistants. I go back, give my new pictures to the woman who is sorting out my passport and this time, my head is dry and spotty. Picture perfect.

Leaving the passport office, I am heading to college. I remember that this is the day when I am supposed to perform my poetry at the talent showcase at college.

I reach college, type up my poetry, sign it for authenticity, and next I go and give a presentation to my form class about blogging, the benefits and how the college can adopt such a lovely, creative, powerful tool for expression. After the presentation, I walk downstairs in the main building at college. I see one of the most beautiful, beautiful black girls I have ever seen. Of course, I raised my voice, acted confident and dominated myself and where I was. I caught her attention for a split second. Smiled and waved. I don’t know if I will get to talk to her at some point in school. Carrying on from my distant encounter with the beautiful girl, I met my poet/freestyle/rapper friend Pelumi, and go down to Tesco to raid it’s fridges for food for the day. I am a beast at that point, because all poets need extra water and food in preparations for a performance. Getting back, I practice with my poetry mentors and then off I go to the talent show.

Me practicing my poetry in a little French room in college, in front of other poets was not so great, but when I went on stage I felt invincible. I noticed millions of girls in the crowd and just went into it (the poem will be posted soon). I was happy with my performance. I got the reaction I expected, and felt like every talent and performance by all the artists today, was exceptionally creative and I am happy I signed up to perform.

Poetry allows me to open up on my emotions, become clear of my emotions like how blogging allows me to make sense of what is happening in my life.

I am so satisfied with my day, and I can honestly say college can only get better in time. *plays Frank Ocean – Channel Orange*

I Am Not Perfect *****

In Hip Hop, Poetry on October 3, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Today I was hanging out with some friends and they use the N word so casually. It has become such a norm for black people in society, we just regard it as an ordinary word. We consistently hear rappers use the N word in the music scene. I am one of those teenagers that if I hear a good song and I somehow remember the lyrics, I would rap every curse word, N word and other abusive language.   That is when I am alone in my room, but never in public. I am not perfect! I personally don’t have a problem with the word. Usually, it is just people who have passion for their lyrics who use the word and other times people just acting like they lack intelligence and are stupid. I will also say that they should not abuse it even though the colour of their skin and history gives them a slight legitimate reason for its common use in their speech. We should understand the roots of black history while at the same time, aim to make change. That may indeed mean all people stop using it altogether!

A poem from Julian Curry on the subject ‘Niggas!’

Is it really just an ordinary word? What do you think about the use of the word?

Twitter and Me

In Social Media on September 9, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Me and Twitter are close buddies. We are not in a relationship. I speak how I feel and hope he takes it in and doesn’t respond. While on the other hand, our fellow twitterers like to respond to our conversation, we are still close friends. He knows my password, I know his website. Our relationship is so concentrated that 140 characters is just enough to tell our story!

We usually get people we don’t like talking to us. The sort of spam people but we ignore them because we are different. We are unique. I even feel he needs a couple interesting video’s from YouTube and on occasion a picture or too, so my links definitely make him happy. I never get a response from Twitter or a retweet, or a direct message but that is okay because as I said the relationship is cool enough for only one to speak and for a couple thousand random people to respond. The only communication I get once a month from Twitter is suggestions. He earns the money; I become noticed on the internet.

We try to talk as often as possible but sometimes a couple days go by and he doesn’t hear from me.  That there, is the magnificent relationship between me, Twitter and a whole other bunch of random people who try to get involved in this relationship.

Soya Milk

In Poetry on August 23, 2011 at 4:34 pm

I seriously love soya milk,

Soya milk you are so lovely,

More lovely than semi and whole,

Lots of flavour,

Soya, I love!

Present Time

In Poetry on August 3, 2011 at 5:17 pm

This present time I really wonder on my thoughts,
I wonder like the curious black boy who craves knowledge beyond what the eye can see,
My imagination becomes a natural flood which pounds the water bank,
As I wait for the present time to kick me in the butt,
I stop looking back,
And stop wishing,
It is then I am at peace.

Then life is stunningly beautiful,
Beautiful enough to stand in motion and let life turn and tumble,
Present time, I love with an everlasting passion.


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