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Being a person who isn’t religious when it comes to concerts, I am one of those people that is very curious about what he pays to see live. I booked my tickets to see Jay-Z and Kanye West months back and with my mums interrogation happening to this day, on why I spent £140 on two tickets to see two amazing artists, I actually feel satisfied that I kept my mouth shut for so long after my purchase.

Me and my friend Tatiana arranged to go and see this concert a week before tickets were set for release. My mum was happy and so was I, until I told her the price after I bought the ticket hours later. The day came and I had a typical, boring day at college. My attention span was bad, but I didn’t feel hyped about the concert till I actually entered the arena. Standing in line for an hour and a half, well over the time the doors were supposed to open at 18:45, I felt restless, hot, and weak with my buddy. Lucky we were able to purchase beverages (£3 bottle of Sprite, £2 bottle of water, rip off) before we got our standing spots, 8 rows from the front.

Having to wait a long time for two incredible artists is a pain in the backside on the opening night of the most anticipated European tour. You get frustrated when Jay-Z and Kanye say they will start at 20:30 but actually start at 21:00. You become irritated and fragile among the people squeezed next to you. I had the urgent feeling to go toilet but I didn’t want to lose my space, but intelligently Tatiana, went once we got to North Greenwich and when we entered the arena.

When the lights fade in the arena and people start crowding together, and the lights dim, while people are getting hot, you know something is going down. Kanye West and Jay-Z tear the whole place apart. Collaborating on hit singles, and epic albums apart from not only Watch The Thone, the two artists do have something special about them. My favourite song ‘On To The Next One’ by Hova, just makes me go crazy among people who are expecting Niggas In Paris or something from the Watch The Throne album. Then ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ just makes me go cray. Yes CRAY. The set list for the whole night was a masterpiece. It went from old school hits all the way to new school. Everyone knows I stalk both rappers like I am personally married to them so I knew a lot of the lyrics.

The best part of the night at a Hova and Ye Watch The Throne concert is when ‘Niggas In Paris’ takes over the whole arena at the end of the night. The people go ballistic. Everyone is out of control, and when they finish, the whole arena wants a replay, so Hova and Ye have to come back. I lost my voice in the crowd. I felt really wild and crazy since I was literally a metre from them and survived from dehydration and going H.A.M.

Would I recommend going to a Watch The Throne concert. I actually would recommend it every single time. Just watch out for the girl on girl fights in the seating area, the after concert depression and the wet floors while trying to leave the premises. I had the time of my life.  Hip Hop in earphones after the concert doesn’t compare. Mellow King of Hearts by Lloyd on the way back is recommended. Or classical.


Watch The Throne! Watch The Kings

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Watch The Throne!

The new album by Kanye West and Jay is phenomenal. My favourite song of the album is Why I love You. I was taken from the point the beat dropped and the rhythm started to flow. I have been wanting to listen to the album for ages. Such great artists collaborating to produce amazing hip hop. Is this better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West? No way. This album is good but not as good as Kanye’s album. Why? Kanye West is my favourite rap artist and I have a special connection towards him. I love Kanye West’s flow. He has a flow that isn’t average at the least.

I don’t follow Jay Z but respect his rap presence. Jay Z has mastered live performance and I can definitely say, no one does it better than him. Kanye West has the flow and lyrics. He is talented beyond words to describe him. That is why a collaboration makes them kings. Comparing this album to My Beautiful Dark Fantasy is really difficult. I love hearing Kanye’s voice on the album but Nicki Minaj in the song Monster ”kills” it in a bad way. When it comes to hip hop there are two people I don’t like. Nicky Minaj and Chipmunk. So, My Beautiful Dark Fantasy and Watch The Throne clash and become even competitors. I don’t want to be the judge of which album is better. I will say, if you play Kanye West, play My Beautiful Dark Fantasy next.

Should you buy the album? Yes you should buy Watch The Throne. It is worth the listen and worth the storage space on your computer. No one buys CD’s so I am guessing the only CD’s you have would be old albums and singles from 2008 and backwards from there. Personally, Watch The Throne comes second to my favourite albums in the years 2010-11. Kanye’s last album coming first.

What do you think of the album and what is your favourite hip hop album at the moment?