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In Relationships, Self Help on October 4, 2012 at 9:26 pm

I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I’m an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after. – Cat Stevens

I never understood that. I know the world has a lot of awful people. We have terrorists, we have rapists, murderers, pedophiles and crazies. One thing, I never understood is why good people are hard to find. I mean, if everyone is trying to be the best they can be, how come it is hard to find a person that matches your character.

Life throws challenges at us everyday. Challenges that make us think hard. Challenges that make us temporarily fall. Challenges that stretch us way past our comfort zone. The people that stick by you when you go through challenges, and notice and endure your absolute low, and absolute high, are the people that are good and worthwhile people to invest in the long run.

The thing is, everyone’s interpretation of good is different, so I guess it is up to us as human beings to really look deep in ourselves and ask ourselves these two questions:

1. What is a good person to us?

2. Are we willing to be patient, learn from ourselves and learn from others, while being open, so we can increase the chance of meeting a good person that fits our character.

Good people are rare because what one person may think is a good person, another person might think of as a devil. For me, I have met good people, and I have also met bad people. I just want to keep investing in those rare people, while hoping for the best with everyone else I meet in my lifetime.



In Relationships on May 10, 2012 at 10:41 pm


Last Saturday I was sitting and working on my laptop when someone got retweeted onto my timeline on twitter. I did what I do when I’m bored: I went to see what they were about. Little did I know I’d be hanging round Westfield with them 71 hours later.

The person is Derrick and, even though I’ve only known him a short while, I have no hesitation in saying he’s amazing (he’ll probably tease me about that now). When I checked out his twitter I clicked on the link to his blog. The thing with Derrick is he’s a very motivational person, so after enjoying what I read I tweeted him to give feedback. As per usual when you tweet someone they tweet back and we got talking while I ‘stalked’ his blog.

Anyway, long story short we started skyping on Sunday and at about 12am Monday night/Tuesday morning we arranged to meet the next day in Westfield as he finished college early.

The day consisted of:

  • Apple store photos
    » Until Derrick got told off for having his hood up… did someone say gangsta?
  • Derrick being told off
  • Derrick embarrassing me by knocking things over
  • People watching in Burger King
    » This is Derrick’s speciality will sit there eating a burger and analyse EVERYTHING someone is doing. There was this girl in the corner and he just picked up the fact that she was fidgeting, checking her phone and playing with her hair to mean she had guy trouble. Being a girl I agree with this verdict, it’s mad how observant he is though. He can tell me things about me I’ve never said, analyse tweets and know exactly what I’m referring to and why and everything. It’s pretty freaky, but I guess that’s what makes him interesting.
  • Seeing Derrick’s classmates
    » If a situation could spell awkward then that’d definitely be it!
  • Circle dancing (dancing in circles round each other while still walking forward)
  • Building in the Lego shop
  • Derrick trying to sell me boxers

“They’re clean and fresh and will keep you dry all day long”

I’ve met a few people on twitter and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes you don’t talk anywhere near as much as you do online and it’s just awkward. With Derrick though, it wasn’t like that. He said himself that we ‘click’ but I put it down to the fact that Aquarii get along well.

Fuck what they say about meeting people off the internet, I’m 17 and life’s about taking risks (that’s why we got on the escalator backwards… well Derrick did and I attempted to…) I had a great time and would definitely do it again!

Made this for @thelookoutdiary (Taken with instagram)


I was casually tweeting to @AyyOnline when he retweeted me. Strangely, he retweeted me for the first time EVER. Even more strangely after more than 25 retweets, this strange and promiscuous individual by the name of Aysh pops up in my @mentions box. She is a fellow blogger who is into music business and unexpectedly fell for me when she saw my Twitter AVI. We began to talk on Twitter and instantly got along really well. She is really intelligent, something I knew well before she did, and later surprised her when I was able to read her mind in the most non-stalkerish and disturbing way.

After a while, she got bored of just having me on Twitter so I offered to add her to my Skype contact list. We began to talk about life and people’s personal motivation to success and that made her day.  I didn’t have to try to impress her after that.

WordPress > Twitter > Skype > BBM > (her favourite) My number

A couple days later, like 71 hours, she ends up telling me her confessions. Okay, maybe not, but she said she was in the area (Shepherds Bush, London) and I was willing to meet her. Aysh wearing the most retarded Supras ever, we went to Burger King, my favourite hotspot and began to watch people. We sat in silence watching people like teenage operatives and then gave up when our mission compromised by my inability to walk in straight lines. Never staying in one place for a long period of time, we were constantly on the move, hiding from the security guard in the Apple store, who was offended by my bright blue hood.

Ending up running out of the store, we just walked in circles, instead of straight lines to cover our tracks. We wanted to play the game ‘Shout Out PORN’ but I started so quietly that she couldn’t keep up. The game ended but the laughter carried on. Even when we brushed passed La Senza.

The day was really chilled and relaxed. Till this day we still have awkward moments when Aysh gets confused often about her slow grasp of knowledge, but we definitely get along, and definitely will go out again. The beauty of meeting good people online, is knowing who is a good person in the very few minutes of communicating with them. Even when both of you have never met but are socially awkward and retarded!

What I Learned About Structure

In Self Help on December 19, 2011 at 9:55 pm

I recently made a timetable for my college year and realised that structure, and a set and strict timetable are really important when it comes to success in life. You cannot be successful unless you have a structure in place which you follow towards your success. Structure is important because you are planning your actions. Planning, prepares you for success and reduces your chances of failure. That is why there is the saying ‘to fail to prepare, is preparing to fail.’ That immediately means structure and planning makes you more successful than the other individual that doesn’t prepare or structure correctly.

I took structure and planning for granted through out my whole life till I realised that my grades in school weren’t adding up. My English grade was below my expected. If you looked at my writing, you would assume the curriculum got my papers wrong with someone else’s. I am good at English and have potential, but my structure for work is wrong, not my knowledge or understanding of the concepts. I need to plan my work and plan it well so that my success is satisfying my interpretation of what success means to me. (If you are wondering, the letter A is what I call success). I did well in some subjects and did not so good in others this term in school. My structure for learning is a total fail, period. My latest post on TheLookoutDiary, ‘Am I The Only One That Hates Multitasking In School?’ is about not wanting to multi-task but what I have learned, is that multi-tasking only works when your structure is well thought out, and implemented according to your plan.

My mother and grandfather pushed and pushed and pushed me until I made a structured timetable for my life. Since I started going by my timetable, I have practically forgotten about prioritising school subjects and giving each subject, the same amount of time and attention. I NOW FEEL MY BEST.

Do you ever wonder why you can do different subjects in school one after the other, and not feel like you are missing out on one subject compared to the other? The reason you feel so at ease when you are at school, is because a structure has been put in place to help you go through school with ease. That is what you have to do for yourself, when you are at home. If you are ever faced with so many things to do in your life, make a plan, make a structure that works for you, and stick by it and if you do, you will be successful. It doesn’t have to be work or at work by the way. It could just  be your life as a whole.

Twitter and Me

In Social Media on September 9, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Me and Twitter are close buddies. We are not in a relationship. I speak how I feel and hope he takes it in and doesn’t respond. While on the other hand, our fellow twitterers like to respond to our conversation, we are still close friends. He knows my password, I know his website. Our relationship is so concentrated that 140 characters is just enough to tell our story!

We usually get people we don’t like talking to us. The sort of spam people but we ignore them because we are different. We are unique. I even feel he needs a couple interesting video’s from YouTube and on occasion a picture or too, so my links definitely make him happy. I never get a response from Twitter or a retweet, or a direct message but that is okay because as I said the relationship is cool enough for only one to speak and for a couple thousand random people to respond. The only communication I get once a month from Twitter is suggestions. He earns the money; I become noticed on the internet.

We try to talk as often as possible but sometimes a couple days go by and he doesn’t hear from me.  That there, is the magnificent relationship between me, Twitter and a whole other bunch of random people who try to get involved in this relationship.