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In Media, Self Help on November 3, 2011 at 11:55 pm

In society, we have two types of people. The people that watch and the people that do.

The people that watch, always watch what people do. Then they say they want to do things other people are doing, but never actually get round to doing it. They want to do a sport but never go outside to practice. They want to become a rapper or singer, instead they watch so many YouTube video’s of celebrities but never practice. You have people that love to procrastinate. They say they will do something but never get to that point because they have other things on their mind. They lack dedication and drive. Some people simply don’t have time. I always curse 24 hours in a day. I wish the world had 48 hours in a day with short sleep intervals instead of a whole night of sleeping.

The problem with watching, is that you will never get things done. You will get excited by what is happening but never make strategic moves to do what you intended to do. It slows you down as an individual and can cause you to never achieve what you want. This can be avoided by changing your attitude towards what your aims and objectives are in life, and actively taking part in what you want out of life.

The active people in society, are those who actually do what they planned to do. They have passed the stage of watching (quite addictive) and onto the path of doing and achieving. Lets take Top Boy for example. It is a programme that has been aired on Channel 4 this week so far. The actors in Top Boy are actively doing what they want in life and achieving what they want to be (actors). For a percentage of people that watch Top Boy, they are watching the show for entertainment purposes. The people watching the show, a certain percentage are not gaining anything out of it, except entertainment. Entertainment is supposed to excite you, put you on edge and want you to come back for more. From entertaining you, a number of people stop doing what they want to do and achieve in life, and instead, give the actors success by watching their show. It is how the world works, especially the power, the media has on society and changing our thoughts and feelings towards certain things. So people watching Top Boy, are not gaining knowledge or intelligence or financial stability to live but instead, the actors are getting that in return. You are basically allowing the people in the media to gain a lifestyle you wish you had, by watching their shows and listening to their music.


You could criticise my view and say, you have worked so hard during the day that you deserve a break and freedom to indulge in art. That is a fair point. We should have times when we can just be lazy. You could question me and say life isn’t about being lazy, it is about being active. My alter-ego, TheLookoutDiary and myself (Derrick), still hold the opinion that the people that do instead of watch, benefit from society on a larger scale. So, as individuals what can we do to change that? We can spend more time achieving our dreams, whatever they may be, or watch active people achieve their dreams. It is up to you.

Due to my passion for writing, I have not watched any episode of Top Boy this week, and don’t intend to until my work is done and my writing for this week is complete.



In Self Expression, Self Help on October 17, 2011 at 7:06 pm

People always try to fit into society by doing everything that is normal. They never do something that they truly want to do, but have to do to be accepted by their fellow peers. People who constantly try to fit in, never feel comfortable. My friend Pablo (picture) came to college in a scooter and in my opinion, had immense amounts of swagger, I couldn’t put into words.

When do we just do what we feel and never think about what people think. The people that are different, couldn’t care less how people perceive them. It is then that they get praise for being so cool, all because they are unique in their style. Yes, it is style! The things everyone does is just boring but when you break away from the norms of society, we start to become creative and experimental and then great things are created.

Now, I am going to upgrade my skateboard and roll into school doing an ollie. No one should copy me but respect my style and get their own!


In Photography on September 1, 2011 at 4:47 pm

I went down to Southbank and thought you can’t go down there and not take pictures.

Culture as it happens!


       Who dresses like that? 

This guy was on point. He constantly had a good expression that I couldn’t fathom.


Lets smoke with passion. Shall we?


Catch the weak at their own enjoyment.


In Uncategorized on August 16, 2011 at 2:19 pm

I have always respected extreme sports but never had the guts to actually do it willingly because I have a fear of getting hurt. Yesterday, I watched Channel 4’s Street Summer Concrete Circus. It got the most talented and fearless skateboarders, bikers and free runners to express their talent in film. It is there, I realised that we ignore such talent that blossoms on the streets. I was happy that Channel 4 took the opportunity to seek out street culture because it is seen as disorder on the streets by many adults but teenagers seem embrace it to the maximum. Look at what teenagers wear. They wear Adidas, Converse and Vans which all relate to sports. Doesn’t that show that street culture is so important in life?

The people on this programme actually had something to say which was expressed in their talent. Words couldn’t translate what was on Channel 4 last night. Young and talented film makers, took their talent to the streets and filmed the talent that lives in these extraordinary human beings. In the programme you had people jumping from one building to another, you had another person doing a back-flip down a set of stairs and a skateboarder spinning round in circles on one wheel. I personally, haven’t seen that in my life, all in one film. In addition, you get a feeling inside you that makes you want to stop being lazy and go out into the word and take up such an exciting sport. It is also gives you very painful injuries. I used to skateboard and because of my fear of getting hurt, I slowed down completely till the point that I wouldn’t even attempt a trick, instead casually ride.

Should you watch it? Of course you should. A lot of people make up street culture and need to be recognised in society because they set trends that lots of people love to follow. I was impressed and I can definitely say you will be impressed!