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In Self Help on October 4, 2012 at 4:00 pm

You know when life says to you ‘You need to change. You need to shift from what you are doing now, to something new.’ I experienced that recently. I was had a job, and I had my fair share of challenges. The challenges kept coming, and I kept trying to solve them. I notice that a lot of the challenges I was trying to solve were out of my control. I further challenged myself to solve what was unsolvable, only because I had a lack of resources that could eradicate the problem and make me happy.

I then realised something. When you try to solve something that is so rigid, you create more problems if the problem is so against you? Why not just shift and change your lifestyle and look for better? I kept thinking that to myself for the last few weeks and realised that I need to just take the leap of faith and just do what makes me happy. I say money doesn’t bring happiness, which is absolutely true in my opinion. I also believe that just trying something new in the hope for a amazing outcome, is a massive risk, but I am willing to do it, if the reward is greatness.

The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them… Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will. – Michel de Montaigne

So, I shifted my thought process from indulging in problems with overly complex solutions, to finding a new angle and strategy that can allow me to flourish in my talents. I hope to grow in my new venture as an individual that is on this planet to experience what life has to offer. And I am openly willing to learn, expand my knowledge, and grow into a strong man. A man that doesn’t have the muscle (wouldn’t mind) but has clarity in his reasoning, understanding and application of knowledge into the real world.




In Self Help on October 1, 2012 at 1:26 am

Today, I did the longest ever study session of my life, and I still feel amazing and full of energy. I started studying at 3:00pm, after going to the gym from 11:00 to 12:30 and then coming home to eat brunch and then update my Tumblr. I finished studying minutes to midnight with frequent breaks and a power nap (20mins). The best thing ever happened to me in terms understanding what drives my hard work and determination, which I didn’t have before, but started applying recently when starting college. Last year I flopped pretty much all my exams because I counted the hours I worked everyday, applying quantity rather than quality. I thought to myself if I put in 3 hours today, I will be up to scratch and be able to relax a little bit. That type of thought or drive is completely wrong and should have never been my driving force for success. It sets your up for failure and puts you on the borderline, just like it did for me.

What has started to drive me in terms of hard work and application is my ability to empty my cup (full of preconceptions of self standard) and take every learning opportunity as a new experience. In addition, I constantly think about my ambitions, and dreams in life. I used to think that success is luck, and that you don’t have to work hard, hard to become successful, but hard enough. I then realised that hard work and success differentiates you from lazy people. If you want something that is amazing, exclusive and life changing, you’re going to have to shift your mind set from doing what is necessary to do what is overcapacity so you’re full with more knowledge than you need, so you can reach further and beyond. If everyone is able to have what you want, it must mean it is cheap and quick to obtain, but if what you want is something like a million dollar mansion, of course you will have to work hard to be the best, since million dollar mansions are not available to everyone. Obviously, because there are very few millionaires on this planet. So when I think about what I want in life, I realise that they aren’t available to everyone, so as a smart individual, I have to work harder than everyone else to be on top of my game and be the be the best at whatever I am doing. I cannot settle for less, or settle at the standard of the majority, because where the majority stand is an easy and comfortable position that has many people complaining for better.

A good technique of finding your motivation to work hard is to simply write down everything you want to achieve in life, and put them in a list of importance. Then write down what you need to achieve what you want, and then just simply apply yourself after. If you have no idea what you want to achieve in life, simply work hard in everything you do, explore and become adventurous.


In Relationships, Self Help on August 24, 2012 at 9:58 pm

This summer, I have been working at BANG Radio. When it comes to work, I enjoy it. I prefer working than going to school. My anticipation to get to my desk and get things done is seriously infectious in my sickening work ethic. Some people look forward to the weekend. I look forward to Monday. I love to chill out, watch films and be lazy, but I think holiday leave is the best time to do nothing. One of the massive challenges I face at work, especially working in a dynamic, fast pace radio station, full of young people and older people, is understanding the difference between professionalism and fun.

I consider myself really mature, but when I am serious, I am very serious. When I am having fun, I don’t take anything seriously. Finding the middle point in a working environment, I find immensly difficult. I watch ‘The Newsroom’ (favourite show) on Sky Atlantic and it may not be the best interpretation of a workplace, but when things are serious, you see it clearly depicted in Aaron Sorkin’s depiction of a news desk and broadcasting news network. I could see myself working professionally, while knowing when I leave the office, everything changes and the fun begins. But when you work with young and very dynamic people, the principles for effective work is even more complex and strange.

I realise my relationship with people at work is either extremely serious, or a journey of complete procrastination and immense failure in producing results. I get frustrated at times, when my point isn’t heard. I recently had an argument in a work meeting recently, and of course things stirred up, and I got annoyed, frustrated, pissed, and obviously reacted unprofessionally (I still love working don’t worry). I felt dissapointed in how I dealt with my situation, and of course I was angry, but I realised anger is not an effective approach to progression. I realised that I genuinely feel bad judging people, that is why I never judge. I have a shortfall where I like to have control in order to reduce my fear of failure or dissapointment. So, as a 17 year old teenager that is constantly discovering himself, sometimes not making any sense, I am constantly battling against my own identity, how important I am, and how I can put myself forward as a respectable person, rather than a joke.

So why I am writing this post?

Professionalism and fun at work is just one of those nitty gritty subjects that gets people thinking, and sometimes not thinking. Thinking before you speak, speaking without thinking, thinking so much and not acting without reason is just a constant mystery and conflict. How you deal with it, is by learning from failure and by uplifting yourself and finally uplifting those that want to join you in the GREAT RISE.